On The Waterfront

I guess that Wednesday I will be available to provide a meeting place before the final film in the “Cinema and Civics” series of outdoor films. It will be after my final critique in Remedial Digital Photography For Dummies, so after Wednesday you can probably expect me to start posting images and text for your amusement again. Hooray!

Finally photography can return to it’s original purpose: exposing my workplace antics to the entirety of the internets, like this:

Ricoh... Suave!

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Click Click Click Click Camera

I was trying to get an A for once. My last assignment came back with a B+, so fuck that.

I’m probably just going to pick one night (tomorrow? Wednesday?) to go take pictures of ten buildings, then another to adjust the color of all of the pictures, then one more to print ten images. Then I will be done with class. Hooray! What a fucking waste and a drain. Bullshit.

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Kvetching Up

I was going to post about trying to apply for additional loans during the summer session, but it was just a long, angry rant. Suffice it to say that Onestop advisers gave me incomplete, incorrect, and conflicting information over the course of a half dozen emails and phone calls, and that when I finally talked to the person who eventually denied my request (without notifying me), she didn’t actually care that the website does not contain useful information.

“Not everyone reads that site anyway.”

Jesus Hairy Christ on a dog gammed pogo stick, it’s not like it’s my blog, it is the official communication of the University on the subject of loans.

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The Law and The Order

Ugh. Last night’s Criminal Intent was all sorts of terrible. Sarah made dinner while I looked at lenses and digital bodies in various paper and online catalogs. I might be broke, but you have to look forward or up or something if you want to get there — like steering a car: look where you want to go, not where you want to avoid.

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Not biking up the mountain on Johnson Avenue has really changed the experience for me. Instead of saving all the exertion for a mile or so of climbing into the heavens (where the Keathlys live), I spread it liberally along Franklin from Cedar to 3rd, and in doing so get to enjoy things like night air and the smells from the bakery about half way here. I’m even not completely dead from the experience!

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University Happenings

A professor found a bomb threat on a note in Smith Hall across the street from me. Since I work on the fifth floor of Coffman, we have a unique vantage point for watching the ensuing evacuation.

drinkin beer and watching the evacuation

Minnesota Daily Article

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Professor, What’s Another Name For Pirate Treasure?

Today I did many things. I had a job interview at my job to get hired to do more job things. I faxed in proof of employment (for suitably internet printed definitions of “proof”) and was immediately approved to rent an apartment for about the same rent as the place in Anoka, except on my own. I finished my Computer Science 4061 homework instead of clocking in at work so that I could go to Sarah’s studio and review her work so she could have some feedback before her first year MFA review thing tomorrow, only to have her cancel when I called at five, but hey, that was okay, because I needed to put that time in on the homework anyway or it wouldn’t have been done in time, I went to my “Introduction to the Internet” class and then followed my professor to the eating and boozing establishment known as the “Big 10.”

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Other, better things


One of my monitors died last week, so I bought a nice new one. It was a bribe to get me to work on my CSci5161 homework. It seems to have worked! Hooray!

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I finally got into that English Literature 1701 class on Wednesday nights. It’s modern literature. So for we have read five short stories and watched one movie. It’s like high school all over again!

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Sarah and I had our first class together: ArtH 3940/5940. It’s all things Hitchcock, which is so glorious that I cannot speak. I had a little trouble staying awake during the lecture, but the film was The Lodger, which was quite good, indeed. No, Sarah and I did not make out during the film.

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