Here’s To The Boys In The Summer Dresses

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Lisa brought Noah upstairs to show me his lovely dress. He’s a princess and Lisa is a King. Then, Noah wanted to hear Brendan Benson. Happy to mother fucking oblige, little man. He danced. Lisa gave me a random hug. What’s that about?

Post Title From Walt Mink - Settled

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Zzzzz Boom!

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Elm Tree

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My New Job Title is “Eater of Sixlets”

IMG 2048

My boss and I want to develop an old school side scrolling video game where you clear bums and incoming freshmen from a student union. Part Super Mario Brothers, part Double Dragon, part Street Fighter III, part Mortal Kombat II, and all awesome.



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Web Candy

Zach got me all hopped up on Sixlets today. Then I crashed super hard and got all mopey. THANKS!

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Working Hard Or Hardly Working?

Thanks to Jeff the creepy guy who asked out my manager at the Speedy Market eleven years ago.

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You Can Pretend That This Is A Picture Of Art

I didn’t take any pictures of art because that would be stealing, like downloading mp3s illegally.

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Doesn’t That Mean Chaos?

For that matter, what does the star mean?

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Bicycle and Bathrooms

I was considering doing a recurring series of photos of Port-O-Johnny-Biffs, but too many people already take pictures of crappers.

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I Was Going To Write On This Guy’s Face With A Sharpie

But he woke up. Sonofa.

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