On taking pictures at a catastrophe

I told you that Alec Soth has a blog. He posted about the bridge thing, so I started to leave a long comment, but then I remembered that I have my own blog, so rather than stop up his works, I’ll stop up my own.

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Let’s Get Back To Business

I’ve been so dramatic lately that you’d think I was a theater major. I’ve been forgetting my true purpose: posting random images for you, the viewing public, to enjoy in 400 pixel glory.

Case in point, hydrangeas and a bee:

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A Trickle of Photos

These are from Bridge Day.


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SH-60 Seahawk

The first lady flew by my window a few minutes ago on her giant broom.

Whatever your feelings are about the administration, you have to admit that their helicopters are badass.

The green helicopter is significantly bigger than the fire truck.

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On The Waterfront

I guess that Wednesday I will be available to provide a meeting place before the final film in the “Cinema and Civics” series of outdoor films. It will be after my final critique in Remedial Digital Photography For Dummies, so after Wednesday you can probably expect me to start posting images and text for your amusement again. Hooray!

Finally photography can return to it’s original purpose: exposing my workplace antics to the entirety of the internets, like this:

Ricoh... Suave!

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Click Click Click Click Camera

I was trying to get an A for once. My last assignment came back with a B+, so fuck that.

I’m probably just going to pick one night (tomorrow? Wednesday?) to go take pictures of ten buildings, then another to adjust the color of all of the pictures, then one more to print ten images. Then I will be done with class. Hooray! What a fucking waste and a drain. Bullshit.

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Fif. Teen Thousand Megabytes

That sounds like a lot of data, but it is the output of June’s shooting. I am absolutely drowning in pictures. My photo drive went from “okay” to “full” in like a week.

First, Sarah documented Team “Mother Friendly” Kickass kicking ASS.
Team Kickass

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I See You Peeking

Okay, so I have a photo assignment that involves shooting portraits of strangers, people I know, and my self. I’m fairly sure that I have lined up myself for a reasonable amount of time, but the other two are still kind of tentative. You, and I mean you, the one reading this blog, have a unique opportunity to have me turn one or more of my lenses in your direction and catch all your best sides, which are all of them, because I’ve seen you and decided that you’re quite all right to look at. Obviously for the time being this only applies to people in the Twin Cities metro area, since my ability to travel is limited.

Me first, because I should show that I’m fearless. I’m awful tired.

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Noah has mad skills: his birthday party today featured pirates and a half dozen girls.

I dressed like a pirate for a while, before the costume got too hot.

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I think that you know what time it is

Zach made Mario, and I photographed Mario for Zach:

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