The Keathlys made cookies last night. I helped until I got kicked out for doing things like this:
Fucking Elephants

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Stuff On My Cat

Zach has been sending me pics from all afternoon, but I think this one goes too far:
Stuff On My Cat

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Whenever I get to Norway, I am required by law to eat smalahove. That’s half a sheep’s head. Yes, I will eat anything. Photo courtesy h0bbel, who is my Norwegian brother.

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Another Photo Post

On Saturday, after I finished taking seven poops, timed approximately fifteen minutes apart, I went to the photo lab to do some printing for fun. Yes, after the hours and hours of tedium interspersed with minutes of raging uncontrollable anger making prints from my negatives, I went back of my own accord to print things.

Here are my mom and John walking through an orchard way back in the fall.
Mom and John.jpg

I assure you that it looks a little nicer as an 8x10 print.

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The Horror!

It was a whirlwind weekend, and I am bone tired, but my handful of regular readers expect — no — demand that I keep them informed of the minutiae of my existence. Tonight after work I headed over to the photo lab. I produced three prints in three hours, only two of which I like. After that Sarah and I walked to the parking lot. On the way out I found a stretch of gravel and found my hands compelled to pitch the car around a corner while I stood on the throttle. Sarah asked nicely that I not do that again, and I swallowed the tremendous grin on my face while apologizing profusely. I can always go back by myself, so there is no reason to terrify anyone. Suddenly my car and I are the best of friends.

I printed these:

Motherfucking Minneapolis, Bitches.

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Sometimes I Am Not a Terrible Photographer

I think that this one turned out fairly nicely:
cemetery statue

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Walking Down Hennepin, I Swear I Never Had a Gun

Paul and I got up at the crack of my ass to work on a photo project that I have been thinking of for a long time — photographing the length of Hennipen. I shot five rolls of film but no digital. I kind of missed having my digital camera — I might have shot more than the 180 pictures that I did if I would have had all the modern conveniences available to me — like color.

There weren’t enough people on the street to get into hassling people for street portraits, and I don’t think that I had been out long enough to build up the courage. I think that I should do it again on Lake Street, and maybe wander around Northeast and/or downtown. I dunno, my goal was to shoot Minneapolis like I have shot New York, but Minneapolis is just too spread out and oftentimes seems so clean and extruded — like we pour our buildings into molds and let them set over a couple of days before gluing windows onto the outside.

Nonetheless, I think this is still a good idea — especially if I could actually talk to some people.

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Oh My God What The Fuck Barbeque

I hope that you like forty six thousand pictures, ‘cause that’s what you’re gonna get on your motherfucking face is my forty six thousand motherfucking pictures like a motherfucker!!!@!@ LG AAFAhfasd;fhaW

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Hi Mom

If you can see this, then you know that it’s a portrait, but what you might not know is that it is a portrait of my mother that I shot for class. Hooray!

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Photo Post

This was for the “abstract” assignment. How arty!

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