I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday

New camera, film scanner, far too much contrast, and, uh, something.

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Can’t See The Forest

Okay, WTF, why am I awake? Stupid second wind. Well, Sarah did go to the trouble of developing my B and W film, so…

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What Goes Up?

I got the negatives back from the first roll of print film to pass through my new camera. I had Target process them and give me an index print, but didn’t get any prints, so I had to fix my desktop and get the slide scanner running again before I could see if the steampunk-style focusing of my new Yashica Auto Focus (circa 1978 or so) actually worked. Indeed, the loud grinding of whirring and grinding of gears did in fact yield reasonable focus, but at 28mm, I’d hope the lens could get there.

Here’s some snow:

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Holy Shit, I Think It Snowed!

Just, in case, you know, you didn’t notice.

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In Deep

One of the things about the photography class that I picked up was the idea that it might be all right to have trees as a subject. I know, I know, it’s hardly the portrait work that people have claimed to like, but, uh, as an exploration of form, and a statement against the tyrannical hegemony of sharply focused images, uh, ahem.

I’ll be over here.


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I Turn My Camera On

I seem to have somewhat accidentally purchased an old film camera on the ebay. I blame Sarah for shaking my faith in the goodness of digitalness.

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Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?

I scanned two rolls of film and cut vegetables for an upcoming soup. I also attempted to fix the Keathly sink, but Home Depot lacked the right faucet cartridge. I finally replaced the failing hard drive in my workstation, but then also formatted a linux partition on my boot drive that had the grub loader that was… uh… chain loading(?) windows? I dunno. Apparently I can just do fixmbr from the WinXP install disc, but, uh, wow, that even puts ME to sleep.

Soooooooooo, pictures!

Team Kickass reunites for Zach’s party. Zach is wearing the robe and wizard’s hat, Paul is wearing the white hat, and I am wearing no hat. Everyone is laughing because Paul is telling a story about someone pooping.

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Swearing Is Its Own Reward


It’s As Cold As a Foreigner Song Out Here

There were grain elevators between the day rate parking lots and the train tracks by Mariucci arena on campus. I saw them every day when I drove to campus. The University recently demolished them to make way for some new abomination – possibly a stadium. Sarah, Chandler, and Donald had plans to go photograph the elevators first and they kindly invited me along at a point when even Sarah barely knew me.

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What keeps you warm at night?

Why hasn’t anyone else ever taken a picture of the horizon as the sun dips down? Amazing. I’m so full of ideas.

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Other, better things


One of my monitors died last week, so I bought a nice new one. It was a bribe to get me to work on my CSci5161 homework. It seems to have worked! Hooray!

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