Take Your Top Off!

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He was super pissed.

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I’m a model!

I’m also a hand model somewhere on one of the sites that we do at work.

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King of Diamonds

jm d30 3171793

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View from the top

IMG 1786

Yes, that’s an Apple Cinema display. Also, my boss is on the other side.

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IMG 1784

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The Weisman

I stopped by the Weisman after my final today and wandered around. The Frank Gehry stuff was okay, but the botanical illustrations blew my mind. I forgot to ask if I could take pictures, so I just snuck this one. If you want to see, you’ll have to go on your own, or with me. I like art and stuff.

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Back from the dead

I guess whoever died just isn’t dead anymore, or they stopped mattering.

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Time to register for all new classes

I am very weird.

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