Pony Pals

Now you know what to get me for my birthday!!!!! !! ! !! ! eleven.
Pony Pals: Plan a Pony Party!!!!!!!!!

No. I want MY OWN PONY, not a rented one.

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Homina homina

Cake Woman took pictures of me pretending to drop a load on my bed. It almost wasn’t pretending. I took a few pictures of her because I don’t have enough pictures of her. Really. Several hundred are not enough.

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Shave That Thang


Here I am getting many hairs cut short by Cake Woman’s mother.

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Gnocchi? I almost killed ‘em!

When Cake Woman was over on Friday we made gnocchi. They were delicious, but they took forever.

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Angry Young Computer


Apparently there is a CD of music by the same name.

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My Grandfather Is Secretly Into The Ladies


I liberated a speaker box, a pick axe, and a sledgehammer from my grandpa over the weekend. The heavy tools held no surprises, but when I opened up the back of the speaker box I found this lovely speaker from nineteen sixty whatever in there. Look at the picture! Amazing! She’s as big as my thumb! The box itself is very nice also, but I forgot to take any pictures. I think it is for a 10″ speaker, so I might replace this speaker with a decent sub and hang the old one on the wall somewhere — like in my music room.

I don’t have a music room, and that’s the shame of it all.

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Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!


The whole “biweekiversary” thing started as a joke, but it got out of control pretty quickly. Things escalated, cards were given, and cakes were baked.

I brought the cake to work, and there was some questioning whether it was a cake of celebration or letting down — the question being if the suffix should be “hooray” or “and that’s all you get, fucker.” Really, the proper appendation would be “thus far,” because Cake Woman is really fit, she’s fit, but my gosh don’t she know it.

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There were no pictures of me that I didn’t delete.

Cake Woman was somewhat happy with her Cindy Sherman book.

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Dames Is Grief

Apparently, this should be my new personals ad photo:

Could be worse, could be this:
[editor — photo deleted by request]

Oh, that’s a girl. So are these:
[editor — photo deleted by request]
[editor — photo deleted by request]

Honestly, do you get it, yet? I mean, I have like 350 of these, and they are all like this. It’s like smoking — delicious and terrible at the same time.

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Classy Lady

Cake Woman wanted some photos of herself for Christmas cards and such. Since I don’t have a walking around camera anymore I haven’t been taking brazilians of photos of late, so I jumped at the chance to get out the big camera (just a D30, really, so don’t get all excited) and take some pictures. Plus, I don’t usually get to take pictures of people besides Noah, and I never take staged photos of people. It was a whole new world of photography — albeit one within the realm of portraiture, which is more of a craft than anything.

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