Best ashtray ever

Okay, no one emptied this in a week? Gross.

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Pants are for suckers!

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img 1813

I just proved that Santa is NP-Complete!


Notice that I am shouting.

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Hey, remember when I got arrested?

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Dallas Orbiter - Kitty Cat Klub - June 24 2005

Gerg finally got me the pictures that I took with his camera. I imagine that this is because I will be going to his house tomorrow to help him disassemble the carburetor on his motorcycle. I’m not cool, but sometimes I’m cool by proxy.

Kitty Cat Klub - June 24, 2005

Some of these turned out pretty sweet.

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Yours Truly

Who’s the hot blonde?

Dude, that’s my sister!

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Lisa and Marsha, Backlit

I know, everyone is getting bored of the photos by now, but don’t worry, I’m not posting all 350 pictures here (although you can certainly get to them).

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Hi, Mom

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Jason’s Girls

Oh, you mean Jason from Jason and the G-Men! (it was an anime fighting force)

(no, it was a Christian Jazz band)

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Boot and Sam

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