I’m Awfully Tired

That’s it. I’m supposed to be doing a code review and/or writing an novella about the craziness of New York, but all that I have wanted to do since I got home was lie down in bed and sleep. I don’t even want to pick out highlight photos (like me holding Beckett aloft, or having my arm around the cute waitress).

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Noah Was Glad To Have Me Home

Ooo, I’m a ghost!

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NYC Aggregation

The Whole Crew at Gallagher's<br />
Photo thanks to Joan

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How Much Will It Cost Us To Break This Union?

I woke up from an expected nap to find my Northwest flight paused on the tarmac. The engines spun up then stopped. I could see the shadow of an “off-contract mechanic” standing below the wing. A heavily loaded electrical motor whined, then paused. Clunk after metallic clunk announced our resumption of travel.

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Open Bar, Dude!

I have been having a great time! Everyone is awesome, and we were all BFF. We are visiting Bharat’s palatial Google estate in Chelsea (just down the street from the Rawhide bar, grrrrowl!) and there will soon be massive amounts of food delivered. My laptop has been unable to connect to the wifi in the hotel, so I’m depending on the kindness of strangers. Well, the kindness of Bharat. Anyway, I have to try and be a little bit social now. HAHAHAHAHA! I gave the first “toast” last night, and by toast I mean long winded, hysterically funny, and completely blue speech. Bharat’s was better, h0bbel’s was amazing, and I was closing out the open bar during Volksport’s speech (which got a lot of laughs, but free wine! Free Wine!).

Dubonnet! Delicious!

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I’m here!

I made it! I got a limo ride from the airport at my own expense. I may have been literally taken for a ride, but I don’t mind so much ‘cause it’s raining and all. Andy (valiant) is here already, and his Swiss accent is charming. I’m bouncing off the walls ‘cause I’m so excited! Hooray!

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Welcome to steerage!

I couldn’t help but stare at the word “RABBI�? embroidered in gold on the yarmulke of the man a row in front of me, cunningly concealed under a baseball cap bearing the words “New York.�”

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Packing for New York

Lisa and Stan bought themselves a digital camera so that I could have a pocket camera to pack on the trip. Yes, I will also have my big iron, my D-SLR, but, for instance, at the dinner with 20+ other photo nerds, I will need to represent, and I don’t want to find a home for ten pounds of camera amidst the filet mignon and lobster claws.

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New York City

My flight leaves at 7am on Friday!

Here are pictures that I took last time:
The New York Public Library Lion

Wall Street Bull

We walked for miles to get to Koronet for this giant pizza.  Then I triple exposed this photo.  Argh.

Thanks Ken
It’s lonely in the city

The Williamsburg, Brooklyn Restaurant Guide
Despite the rampant hipsterism in Williamsburg, it would be nice to get off of the island of Manhattan.

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You’re Nearly Dead

I’ve been leaving a drunken, hungover, bitter, depressed mess all over my website. I must rectify the situation with an erudite post that enlightens and edifies my audience. Instead I will post pictures.

Cake Woman made me a cake. Finally, someone who gets me.

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