Paul is hot

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Even the air is sweaty

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When I say hot, this is what I mean

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We have rigged a system of fans to blow cold air up the stairs into my bedroom, but it is still fairly muggy up here. I saw this roller dog in the street, and it was the first roller dog that I have been able to resist. Maybe if it had be verifyably cheddarwurst I might have… no!

I just thought that everyone should share the joy of a hot dog in the street.

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Another camera update

I think that the aluminum foil is not a good enough conductor. My camera is requesting again that I change the battery pack. I should look for a strip of copper flashing or something.

I suppose that I could contact Canon, but that would be too effective! Where is the fun in that?

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Happy Birthday Noah!

It was Noah’s birthday today. There was cake and everything.

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Camera Update

I recharged the supposedly freshly charged batteries that I had put in my camera, and it works again. Zoinks!

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I fixed my broken camera?

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I took a picture of my mom, so now the final picture from this camera is not of a random woman outside of Grandma’s with Paul dancing or punching me or whatever the hell he is doing. Except, I changed the batteries and the foil didn’t seem to be doing the trick anymore. ARRRGH.

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Wells Fargo!

Someone wrote on this ad, they replaced it, and there it was again. I think that it was meant to be — I only wish it was me.

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A Nice Pic of My Roommates

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