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AFSCME has been on strike at the university. You probably know this already, but if you don’t, it’s over the amount of correction to their pay it will take to bring them on par with other state employees and how future planned raises will keep up with inflation — at least that’s how I understand it. As an employee of the state (civil service bargaining unit) I am legally barred from a sympathy strike, just like they are legally barred from blocking my access to state buildings as part of their strike. So, it’s not the doom and gloom “strikers are gonna ruin your life” that the administration is preaching. We are missing one staff member from my floor, and one of the main people from the AV area. These two people are critical to our operation. I hope their union gets what it is asking for.

Anyway, on to the images!

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Escape from North Dakota Part the Second: Fireworks!

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Escape From North Dakota: Part The First

Sarah took me to her home in North Dakota. My body rejected the transplant immediately with an overwhelming display of histamine force: my nose ran continuously for 36 hours. My eyes are still a bit itchy.

However, I did manage to have a lot of fun. For instance, I contracted the avian bird SARS flu:

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A Closer Look

I brought out my long lens to get a closer look at the pieces of bridge that they are collecting near campus.

Twisted Metal

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I was so excited by the discovery of Alec Soth’s blog that I neglected to notice that I had misheard his name. Apparently there is no “x” in it anywhere. He (or his agents) even visited this site three times and I had the wrong name twice. Don’t I feel dumb.

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The Morning Commute


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Arts 3703 Final Project: “A Sense of Place”

This was the assignment with which I had the most trouble, but the problems were almost entirely conceptual. I either had ideas too large for three weeks of shooting or they refused to jell. If you’re interested you could ask, but most people would rather hear dick jokes from me.

This project covers the streets that I travel every day. My new neighborhood is the dangerous and urban Minneapolis I’d wanted when I moved to Minnesota from Iowa almost twenty years ago. This concrete landscape is a home on another planet. Will these sights survive the encroaching gentrification upon whose wave I am riding?

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Baby With A Beer

I think that this photo is self explanatory:

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Product Photography

Somehow I became a semi-professional photographer. I’ve shot a handful of weddings, as well as events and products for work. I wish that I would have had my 20D a year ago. Anyway, you can find bits and pieces of my photography in the various places that we advertise on campus.

Observe pizza:

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I had a birthday!

Contrary to the opinion of my father, my birthday was the 14th of August. Oh, the estrangement is not over you bastard, it ain’t over.

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