Get The Hammer

The dentist said that despite my fifteen year moratorium on visits to the dentist, my teeth are okay, having only one spot of decay in a single wisdom tooth. I will return on Monday to have my teeth cleaned (possibly through four individual visits, with one “quadrant” cleaned per visit) and that one cavity filled. Then, all of my teeth will be broken out and replaced with chiclets. I might be just imagining that last part.

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Accidents Happen

Apparently I missed something by going to work on the 18th: a car chase ending with a flipped pickup right in front of my building — practically on the front stairs. If I would have known, I would have stayed home and made popcorn to watch.

KARE 11 Reports

I wouldn’t have found out about it except that I had ridden on CJ’s bus last week, he mentioned it in the same post as his mention of the accident.

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Learning English

I’ve been sick a couple of times already this winter. Fortunately, I have not had to use the english in the following video:

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Dear Mother

I’m afraid that your stock pot has been stolen by Smelton McNasty and his turkey Turkley.

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Can I Interest You In an Obelisk?

“We could use some help moving,” read Chandler’s email. Her email mentioned two pianos, some boxes, hard cider, and “other vittles.”

“I hope that ‘other vittles’ includes a sixer of suds,” I replied. “‘Beer’ to you,
or more appropriately, me.”

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Wishlist Remix

Sarah asked me just the other day what I wanted for winter holiday gift-giving. It was then that I noticed the smear of decorations defiling our fine city. Too soon. Too soon.

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Everyone Likes Pictures

Yes, it’s time for another big catch up post, wherein I rifle through my gallery and find stuff for you to look at.

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There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Class is in session. I’m doing everything that I can to stay calm, but something about work and school runs me down. Also I think that I had a virus or some other thing from Seattle until last weekend. All of a sudden I just felt better — so much so that I haven’t been able to sleep.

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Totally. Brutally. Free.

Dethklok played the Great Hall of Coffman Union, where I work. I was lucky enough to get up to the secret AV tech balcony and take some crowd shots for future concert promotional materials.

We unloaded for both Dethklok and You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. That was the day before yesterday and I still feel like hamburger.


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Still In Seattle

I haven’t gotten out to sightsee at all — instead I have been shuttled to and from the Microsoft campus and generally trapped in a large conference room while Microsoft sold and sold and sold to us. Chris Kelly and I scrambled to assemble a presentation while my hangover solidified and settled over me. We were asked more questions than most of the other presentations, which might imply interest, or maybe the attendees were so flabbergasted by our overall shabbiness that they simply had to know how we snuck in. The secret attendee chatroom even had a snide remark:

“Do you think when his mother asked for help he just yelled up the stairs?”

I responded later “there aren’t stairs in the trailer,” but the timing was ruined. If you’re friends with someone and you make a joke at their expense, you have to give them a chance to come back with witty rejoinder.

Then again, I might not have had a response: my brain was being dragged under by the weight of my swollen liver. Microsoft tried to buy its way into my heart with free tequila but only managed to get into my pants. Yes, I did bad things to my new copy of Windows Vista Ultimate when I got back to my room last night. DON’T JUDGE ME!

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