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This was in my notebook, which wasn’t in plain sight on my desk so I promptly forgot.

  • Custom Fields
  • Refactor
  • MPTT
  • Icon Pack
  • MultiRoot
  • Virtual Albums
  • cssname smarty function
  • embed into wordpress
  • integrations nightly builds (done)

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What happens in ACM, anyway?

Gallery :: 20050420 :: jm_a300_2747438

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Best Cubicle Ever

Best Cubicle Ever
The Office (American Version) > Your Office

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Celebrate the Saga… of Cheez-Its

Gallery :: 20050419 :: jm_a300_2747436

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ACM Frisbee

ACM Frisbee

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The Doodlebops

The Doodlebops


Is that a cross-dressing clown?


It’s not a clown! It’s a doodlebop!

Note that she didn’t deny that it was a cross-dressing whatever the hell it is. She also didn’t explain why their name sounds like some sort of pre-school feces dance.

Note: No kids allowed!

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Linkage: Creating Smart Playlists in iTunes - Blog -

Creating Smart Playlists in iTunes - Blog -

Part two. Okay, part one. Shut up.

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Linkage: Things that I’d like to see iTunes do… - Blog -

Things that I’d like to see iTunes do… - Blog -

No, I can’t sleep. So, I’ve been thinking about how to get the new 200G drive into one of my boxes (the intended host won’t recognize all 200 lucious gigs).

I got sidetracked. Hooray for people talking about iTunes issues.

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Evil dolls

Evil Dolls

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UML’s Sequence Diagram

UML’s Sequence Diagram

My lab partner has been bugging my about UML diagrams. Now my boss sent me a link. I think it’s a sign.

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