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Tequila Cocktails - Viva Tequila

Just for my notes. What?

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It’s summer, and I have carefully configured my schedule to maximize my non-school-and-work time. That mean that you all benefit from my easy availability (assuming that you operate on some sort of normal schedule or preferably one a few hours delayed and powered by the internet) and my constant posting of rambling, punchy, and witty blog posts. I benefit by having reduced my stress levels to record lows — witness my general non-freakout over having my financial aid suspended. Sure, I made some wild posts and I had a little trouble sleeping, but it was nothing like finals week where my brain came to a rolling boil and foamed up over the top of my head.

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Paul is nice

[20050708 20:58:28] Paul: i’m obsessed with this guy named jesse

 ______   __________     ____
/\__ __\ /\  __  __ \   /    \
\ _/\ \/ \ \ \/\ \/\ \ /\  \  \
/\ \_\ \  \ \ \ \_\ \ \ \  \  \
\ \____/   \ \_\/_/\ \_\ \____/
 \_____/    \/_/    \/_/ \/___/

Thanks Paul, but I have a gir- oh. No I don’t.

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My Little Pony

IMG 1137

My Little Pony Fair :: International Collectors Convention and Expo!

Right here in Coffman! International!

Paul and I showed remarkable restraint when faced with grown adults lugging giant tubs of glittery ponies through the ground floor of Coffman. We didn’t chortle or laugh until we were in the elevator.

Listen to the theme!

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Spamusement! Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!

Spamusement! Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!

me: oh, look, I have 5000 spam mails
paul: doesn’t gmail clean those out every 30 days?
me: yes

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When google goes down it’s like my brain ceases to function. Oh, wait, it’s two AM.

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What did I do today?

I mean, besides lose my desk at the office and have to bring all my stuff home because there is no home for it in the designer bullpen. And meet my new boss. And go to CSci 4011, where I found out that I forgot to include the tuple when creating the context free language for five of the problems that I thought that I had down pat. The tuple! How could I — oh, you don’t care. It’s shaping up to be a B.

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This is how we do things in the country

I don’t know how many times I have listened to that Slim Cessna song.

Here’s what it looks like when I do my CSci 4011 homework. The salt is important to my productivity.

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Well, I thought about the Army

I finally got someone on the phone at One Stop (at the U) who discovered that my appeal to the hold on my financial aid had been marked as processed when really it had just been ignored. They put me on hold for a while and got it approved, so now my tuition will be covered by a loan to me! Hooray!

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Flashing lights

Who is this?

A eagle-eyed reader asked (auf Deutsch) what the flashing lights mean, so I will share the torrid tale with the whole class.

Back when I worked for Internet Broadcasting Systems, distractions were the digits of pi: irrational, random, and unending. That was where I found out about http://www.homestarrunner.com/ and http://www.fark.com/, two sites which can chew up slack time at work by the bucketful. My coworker (and friend) Gerg sat immediately next to me in an adjoining cubicle. He and I would occasionally AIM eachother links (from five feet away) to keep amused.

One fine winter morning I received a rope light as a secret Santa gift. It was vaguely cool, so I put it up across the top of my cubicle, since my Britney Spears shrine was suffering from inadequate lighting. One day down the road I found myself staring at the rope light as the tiny lights chased eachother from end to end and danced in marvelous patterns. The ticking of the clock slowed to an echoing crawl as the dance grew more and more intricate, back and forth, up and down, on and off.

I turned to Gerg and said, simply: “I have flashing lights.”

And thus a new term was born for any sort of distraction. This whole story was probably only funny to me, but there you go.

The speaking in tongues category is for things involving foreign languages, like the post about Chinese crotchless pants. The rest are pretty self explanatory.

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