100 is a nice round number

I was lying there in bed trying to get my head clear for some homework, when I just felt… too hot. We have a crazy infrared forehead thermometer in the closet downstairs, and I take any excuse that I can find to use it. Down I went, and… 100 degrees! Shouldn’t I be sweating? I’m not wearing pants, why am I so hot?

I don’t think that I should have let that monkey bite me.

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Super Karate Monkey Death Car

I have consumed over two liters of water today and I am just beat in general. Too much actual work, class, emailing and attempting selling of cars. Get your bids in soon, because Paul was ready to buy. It was all just moving so fast. I mean, I posted it on a whim.

I’m firing up Corporation and doing some homework. I will be up late.

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All sideways

Stan will not stop freaking out about Karl Rove. Conveniently for me, I have the Daily Show to help me temper my hatred with peace. Jon Stewart said “the sideways winky face.” I win! ;)

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For Sale: 1996 Subaru Impreza LX 2.2 MT Coupe

Remember when we hit 115mph? I’m listening to our song right now, sweetie.

It’s better this way.

(Fragile, by Walt Mink)

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Complicated Fun

I was unable to find the full lyrics to Complicated Fun by the Suicide Commandos online, so I took the liberty of transcribing them for everyone. Corrections are appreciated. I used to hear this on the radio all the time.

It was easy back in treatment I got the sympathy I need
I told ‘em I was really smart and everyone agreed
We drink some beers and crack some jokes and that was quite enough
But I’m a whole lot older now and now the novelty’s worn off

The new wave is the old wave ‘cause we know it all by heart
We’re looking for an anthem that we haven’t torn apart.
We gotta have fun. Fun. Fun fun fun fun. Fun fun fun fun.

Now the future ain’t tomorrow, now the changes have begun
We’ve gotta get a handle on some complicated fun
You show me where the plug is and I’ll recharge on the run
We’ve gotta get a handle on some complicated fun
So we rock!

Ah the future ain’t tomorrow, now the changes have begun
We’ve gotta get a handle on some complicated fun
Hoo! Ha! Hoo! Ha! Hoo! Ha! Hoo! Ha!

The future ain’t tomorrow, now the changes have begun
We’ve got to get a handle on some complicated fun

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Limited Edition Steve Zissou Impreza


I’m getting some spray paint and totally doing this. Why not? I have two.

For sale: one maroon 1996 Subaru Impreza LX. 2.2L, manual transmission. Some front end damage, includes replacement body parts and some spares. Needs engine and suspension work.



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The Golden Ticket!

Tim Burton is a genius! I was laughing uncontrollably during Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Stan was not as amused. I think that the movie was just too crazy for him.

Tonight I will be watching either the Corporation or the Motorcycle Diaries. Either way I will finally go over to the Red Menace. Mmmm… delicious communism.

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Waiting is hard

Despite the bombastic nature of my blog, I’m a quiet, relaxed person. I’m actually shy, which I overcome by putting on my comedy face and promoting laughter. I can share words with a confident swagger, but sometimes when I am picking those words for just one person they become much harder to put in order. In a conversation I can just pick up on the tone and topic and run with it. What do you do when contacting a person with unknown expectations? Anyway, I’m doing my best to be relaxed about the whole thing. I hope she’s at least flattered. I’m going to go do something fun in a temperature controlled environment now so I can figure out if I am sweating because of the campfire I have going in my bedroom or if I’m just nervous. At least I get marshmallows. Delicious.

Of course, as I started to write this post a problem developed with Samba on my linux box so I was cut off from music just as I figured out which Mountain Goats song Dallas Orbiter played last night: Back in Black — the Palmcorder Yajna mix. Now there is a singalong song. Everything is fine again, but restarting cost me two hours of music logging that would have put the Mountain Goats up pretty high in my stats. Well, audioscrobbler got it.

No booze jokes today. Sorry it took so long to send that email yesterday.

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Papilio glaucus
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Papilio glaucus
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail<br />
Papilio glaucus

This butterfly was in my mom’s garden. It wouldn’t hold still.

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Just twenty bones

Legenda del milagro — 100% de agave

Good tequila can be hard to find, especially on the cheap. Bad tequila is like paint thinner. This was pretty smooth in my margaritas.

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