Somehow between picking clean clothes out of the hamper and laying waste to the bathroom, fifteen minutes went by and I was far too late to get my ass to the West Bank, so I opted for a heart poundingly refreshing nap and the traditional household dinner of french fries and pasteurized processed breaded chicken chunks.

I’m bumping that show to 10pm on Wednesday.

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Nudity Warning!

I gotta run in a minute. I’m off to “Cliff Notes” for Dummies presented by Third Rabbit Dance Ensemble. I expect great enjoyment and fun, and this will increase my fringe points to 3.

Who am I kidding? I rolled a natural twenty when determining my fringe points.

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By A-, I mean B+

So, uh, never mind.

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Whew! I made it!

I got to both shows, but I was a little late for the first. Here is a one sentence review of each:

Adventures in Mating: This show was hilarious.

The Scrimshaw Show: This show had hilarious moments.

Happy now?

During the Scrimshaw Show I literally fell out of my chair when the skinny brother beat a Vonnegut joke into a fine froth. I’m not sure if anyone else was laughing, but he had me in the palm of his hand and squeezed. Then again, Cat’s Cradle was about a quarter of one of my four credit courses, so that comes to something like $400 just to get that series of jokes. My own particular take on comedy is that if you can make one person laugh until they have an aneurysm you have done plenty, even if everyone else in the room just looks at you like you’ve gone crazy. Way to go, Joe. If I may call you that.

Adventures in Mating was set in a restaurant on the surface of the sun, so there was no air conditioning in the theater. Maybe there is never any air conditioning there, I don’t know, it was just hot. In any case, very funny, but the audience participation was, of course, typically Minnesotan: lame and predictable.

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Fringing It

I should put on some pants and get out of here to see if I can see Adventures in Mating.

If I should go without pants, turn to page 23. If I should wear pants, please turn to page 53.

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Funnel Web Spider

I mean funnel cake!. I always make that mistake. Uh oh, if that’s the cake, where’s the spider?

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Bloomin’ Onion Machine

Spike knew, and now so do you. The secret is the cold water bath, and this midieval torture device repurposed to manufacturing deliciousness.

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Didn’t You Take Any Pictures Of Art?

No. I mean yes. This Italian Sausage was Art.

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This Is For Dean

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Tentative Fringe showings

Sunday, Aug 7th -
10:00 PM: Adventures in Mating
11:30 PM: The Scrimshaw Show

Shows that you will probably be avoiding so as to not make uncomfortable eye contact with me before looking away and going to the bathroom to hide:
Aug 8 - 5:30 PM: “Cliff Notes” for Dummies by Third Rabbit Dance Ensemble
Aug 14 - 7:00 PM: Man Saved by Condiments by Pehl Productions & Starting Gate Prod.

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