North Dakota: Part the Third (and final)

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North Dakota Intermission

Let’s all go to the lobby
Let’s all go to the lobby
Let’s all go to the lobby
And have ourselves a snack

I have been watching Arrested Development via DVD in the evenings. I think that what has been missing from my life is the sweet meditation known as television. When do the Law and Orders start?

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Escape from North Dakota Part the Second: Fireworks!

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I’m Older Than I’ve Ever Been

paul: what are you like 63 today?
me: 64
me: god
me: you’re as bad as my dad

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A Bit Of Advice

My therapist recommended that I “try something different.” I’m taking his advice and buying some Zubaz, because you can’t rock a creepy moustache without Zubaz. I had to add both “Zubaz” and “moustache” to the spelling dictionary in Firefox to write this post.

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The Water Is Gasping For Your Mouth

Laura Veirs can turn a phrase. Her new album is great.

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People, Watching

Dear Gawkers who are trying to see the bridge from the Franklin Avenue Bridge,

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New Things!

1) Mousetraps!
2) 500G external hard drive! (my image drive is full AND crashing)
3) Paul got a new camera!
4) I forget.

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For those so inclined

Every year people ask me for “what I want” for my “birthday.”

After the cut, a complete list.

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So Smrt I Am!

I was thinking that we should use the “stadium money” to rebuild the bridge, but then I had a better idea: build the stadium over the river. Run the interstate underneath it. If you believe the stadium people, it will then pay for itself!

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