The Bridge

I’m still trying to get a hold of Lisa, but Sarah and I are okay. My mom and John are okay. Paul is okay. Stan and Noah are okay.

Update: Lisa is okay, but she almost took 35W a bit before six. Stan took the day off, or he probably would have been commuting home after five thirty — sometimes as late as six. Dani sent me an update about her and Zach later (I messaged her and Elise over google talk). ACM folks AIMed me when I went on. Then, my friends showed up and we went to rubberneck at the bridge, so I left my AIM on with an away message so people could find me.

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I just finished an automatic status emailing thing for work. As a reward, the untold bounties of the internet — well, okay, just a trip to Apelad’s site to check out the new LOLCats. They’re hobo cats who talk like the internet in the early nineteen hundreds. Who knew?

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

I’m not hosting any pre-Ghostbusters activities tonight. My apartment is drenched in sweaty clothes and I am too depressed to be charming. I may or may not be at the movie in the park, depending on my ability to leave the apartment.

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Your Lips Are Red

My hands are black

Doom and gloom, sturm und drang. Enough! Depression is old and busted, St. Vincent is the new hotness!

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Mistakes Were Made

I bought groceries and paid as many outstanding bills as I could find. I got bailed out again. I am trying to not feel like a complete failure for everything.

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No Shoes No Shirt No Service

Sometime over the weekend I tried on a “wife beater” shirt. I looked like a sausage jammed into a tea bag. Not cool.

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I think that I have it figured out

My command of the English language occasionally breaks down into seemingly random strings of words bearing no relation to traditional rules of grammar and meaning. I blame Gogol Bordello.

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Coffee is Happiness

Yesterday after work I “took a nap” on the couch. At some point Sarah called, so I brushed my teeth and got a different pillow, but altogether I think I got about thirteen hours of sleep.

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It’s Not Raining. Goonies Is Not Cancelled.

Except that it probably is, so persons who still WANT to watch Goonies will have to do it in my apartment on a 13″ television. I mean 31“! It’s HUGE!

I’m still making pasta.

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Never Forget

Wednesday is Goonies Day. I have made the executive decision to NOT build a cardboard pirate ship because there is just no time. We will have to use the power of our imaginations. Bring a blanket and a “nalgene” or “some other bottle that is not obviously booze.” You also might want to bring your own booze. I’m just saying that I will do my best with the loaves and fishes business, but I can only promise Fratelli Brothers brand spaghetti and bow tie pasta. Beyond that, well, I am imagining rum and Coca Cola very hard so that the universe can provide as it will. Also, I get paid on Wednesday, so I’ll be buying film and food.

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