Don’t eat the yellow snow

Ananova - Man peed way out of avalanche

I don’t think this needs any comment from me.

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fonts fonts fonts! typOasis

typOasis says welcome!

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Tivo to Go!


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Gopher Warts

Minnesota Daily : All students test clean for one legendary campus ‘infection’

I heard rumor of “Gopher Warts” in the acm lounge, and I finally remembered to google it. It turns out that there is no highly virulent strain of warts running rampant on the University campus.

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MPR: 89.3 The Current

MPR: Radio Listening: 89.3 The Current

My boss blames my blog for Wefunk being overwhelmed with users. Well, perhaps the existance of a new radio station in the Twin Cities metro area that plays good music will alleviate some of the Wefunk abuse.

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Join us… it is useless to resist

A mini-guide to Mac OS X for new Mini owners

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AnandTech: A Month with a Mac: Parts I, II, and III

AnandTech: A Month with a Mac: A Die-Hard PC User’s Perspective
AnandTech: A Month with a Mac - Part II: The Mobile Experience
AnandTech: Apple’s Mac mini - Tempting PC Users Everywhere

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Cell Architechture article

Cell “analysis” a mixed bag

This weekend fostered wild cell speculation at my house. What would you do with the unimaginable power of a cell?

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12:11 dance party

12:11 dance party
I don’t know that you want to ask.

P.S.: Thanks, Paul!

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Sodipodi: A Free Vector Editor


Note to self: give this a shot

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