Uh oh, it’s magic!

I think that my desktop computer is having hard drive issues. If you’re keeping track, this has happened about a million billion times over the last year.

Maybe I will be lucky, and it will just be memory or processor issues.

Cross your fingers!

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Nude Years Resolutions

Everyone’s doin’ the resolution dance.

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I Hope That You Like Books

Hey! It’s about time for new school books! Considering that for the fall semester I spent $500 on books and $711 on camera stuff (not including the flash that I bought for the wedding), this semester’s bill of about $120 to $150 ain’t so bad. I suppose that I didn’t need that 50mm lens for the photo class, but — no, I did. I sleep with it like a teddy bear. I do still have most of a box of paper left. Hmm.

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Carl’s Introduction to teh Internets I

Spring 2007 Classes:
ARTH 3940 Topics in Art History (topic: Alfred Hitchcock is awesome)
CSCI 1121 Introduction to teh Internets 1 (with Carl Sturtivant)
CSCI 4061 Intro Oper Sys
CSCI 5161 Intro Compilers

Yes. I did it. I signed up to bask in the radiant glory of Carl Sturtivant one more time. We’re gonna get the shirts made. This I swear.

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Walt Mink: Stood Up

Remember the Walt Mink concert at the Triple Rock last year? Still arguably one of the best concerts I’ve ever attended — and what a stroke of synchronicity:I randomly went to the Walt Mink site to look up some lyrics and saw that the tickets were on sale. Only a day or two later the tickets were all gone.

In any case, the first rough cut of any concert footage has been posted to Youtube by Chris Butler. If you’re curious, I’m in it, standing near the stage.
Walt Mink: Stood Up

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Happy New Year

Everything from last year is gone from your heart. I promise.

No, not at all.

Hooray for tequila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

I’m elevens for alcohol. ELEVENS.

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If I’m Very Lucky Or Very Good

Sarah might find a way to call me from Gatwick in a moment. I’m still awake, perhaps waiting patiently for the chance that she would call. I’ve been reading about magic wielding pirates until my eyes burned. I saw a friend’s band play. Home again, I drank free beer and inhaled the sweet air of television — but there has been no real escape from that twisting in my chest. All day it seemed like she wasn’t really leaving. All week I just went to work and spent my off hours with her like we had months before she would wing away.

It just didn’t sink in until I was almost to my car — or maybe when I was watching her in line with her passport and boarding pass in hand. Just ten feet, but thousands of miles.

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School Update

This semester I got to declare my major. I will have completed all of my coursework in my major by the end of spring. I missed being on the Dean’s list for fall semester by five thousanths of a grade point. BOO.

I still need to pick one class for spring semester.

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Singing Christmas Carols in a Minor Key


I gotta admit that I was sad on Christmas.

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Good. I can FEEL your anger.

Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!

Dear Pope Who Looks Like The Emporer from Star Wars,

You are creepy.


P.S.: Thank Andy for bringing this to my attention.

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