I just finished an automatic status emailing thing for work. As a reward, the untold bounties of the internet — well, okay, just a trip to Apelad’s site to check out the new LOLCats. They’re hobo cats who talk like the internet in the early nineteen hundreds. Who knew?

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

I’m not hosting any pre-Ghostbusters activities tonight. My apartment is drenched in sweaty clothes and I am too depressed to be charming. I may or may not be at the movie in the park, depending on my ability to leave the apartment.

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Your Lips Are Red

My hands are black

Doom and gloom, sturm und drang. Enough! Depression is old and busted, St. Vincent is the new hotness!

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Click Click Click Click Camera

I was trying to get an A for once. My last assignment came back with a B+, so fuck that.

I’m probably just going to pick one night (tomorrow? Wednesday?) to go take pictures of ten buildings, then another to adjust the color of all of the pictures, then one more to print ten images. Then I will be done with class. Hooray! What a fucking waste and a drain. Bullshit.

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Mistakes Were Made

I bought groceries and paid as many outstanding bills as I could find. I got bailed out again. I am trying to not feel like a complete failure for everything.

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No Shoes No Shirt No Service

Sometime over the weekend I tried on a “wife beater” shirt. I looked like a sausage jammed into a tea bag. Not cool.

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I think that I have it figured out

My command of the English language occasionally breaks down into seemingly random strings of words bearing no relation to traditional rules of grammar and meaning. I blame Gogol Bordello.

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Coffee is Happiness

Yesterday after work I “took a nap” on the couch. At some point Sarah called, so I brushed my teeth and got a different pillow, but altogether I think I got about thirteen hours of sleep.

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Kvetching Up

I was going to post about trying to apply for additional loans during the summer session, but it was just a long, angry rant. Suffice it to say that Onestop advisers gave me incomplete, incorrect, and conflicting information over the course of a half dozen emails and phone calls, and that when I finally talked to the person who eventually denied my request (without notifying me), she didn’t actually care that the website does not contain useful information.

“Not everyone reads that site anyway.”

Jesus Hairy Christ on a dog gammed pogo stick, it’s not like it’s my blog, it is the official communication of the University on the subject of loans.

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It’s Not Raining. Goonies Is Not Cancelled.

Except that it probably is, so persons who still WANT to watch Goonies will have to do it in my apartment on a 13″ television. I mean 31“! It’s HUGE!

I’m still making pasta.

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