Daily Doodle: Aprils Fools

“I’m not a joke newspaper”
jm_a570 is_10041b.jpg

“April Fools! You are!”

Sigh, just one more unpublished doodle.

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Día de San Patricio

It’s all sugar skulls and green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day.

“Me wee electric car is more Irish than you, you focking Gobshite!”

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Family Breakfast

Lisa, Stan, and Noah went to breakfast with Sarah and me at Butter in South Minneapolis. I guess I’m not such a big fan of snooty breakfast places, but I will eat anywhere with the Keathlys.
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Hey, It’s That Guy From My Linguistics Class

No, not the two classmates whom I saw in the Electric Fetus today, it was the guy who emcees for the Northstar Roller Girls. Bear in mind that I have barely heard him say one sentence as he slumps in the front row of lecture.

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Daily Doodles for “Extreme Makeover - Goldy Edition”

It’s probably important to state that these are really just me pranking the Daily. I don’t care if they get published anywhere — it’s worth it for the simple enjoyment of knowing that my friends all grimace when they see Goldy eviscerating a large hoofed mammal. Oh, I didn’t draw that one.

However, I did draw Goldy with boobs.
jm_a570 is_08.jpg

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Daily Doodle for This Week

This week’s theme is “Extreme Makeover — Goldy Edition.”

Extreme Makeover -- Goldy Edition

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Eat Hot Lead

Zach has a new friend watching him at work.
jm_a570 is_19.jpg

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Paul and I went for a bar crawl on the first Saint Patrick’s Day. Hilarity ensued.
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For this I bought you that camera?

Is winter over yet? I’m losing my ability to dress in any color other than black.
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Saint Patty’s Day

If you’re all very good, I might just draw extra daily doodles for this theme.

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