Summer Love

As long as I am rambling uncontrollably, this is the vague schedule for the upcoming weekends:

July 16th: Dallas Orbiter
July 23rd: Wedding (photographing and attending)
July 30th: open
August 6th: Paulapalooza (drinking)
August 13th: My 30th birthday (on the 14th) (drinking)
August 20th: NYC! (drinking)
August 27th: Rehab (drinking)
September 3rd: Labor Day (brats)


I’m trying to think of a good Grease joke, but you will just have to make your own, because when I think of Grease all I can picture is John Travolta’s creepy grin, and then Karate Kid was all burned and he was a hero, but he was just a greaser, and… wait a minute. I’m confused.

If you want to assemble the Grease joke that I had in mind, alcohol is Danny Zuko and I am Sandy Olsson. Your final product should include singing, or it doesn’t count. Go!

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Since we’re out of tequila

The avacados are ready. The tomatoes are ready. The onions are ready. The cilantro is ready. There will be guac, and it will be delicious.

I’m about to go get some tequila, triple sec, and a bag full of limes. Tonight is margarita night, MFs!

I will likely also pick up a can of NA margarita mix so Noah can join in the fun. I think that is technically just “Lime-Aid.”

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Google Pedometer

Google Pedometer (gmaps pedometer)

For all your “how long is the drunken stagger home from the bar” needs.

In NYC I rode the subway directly home from drinking.

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Origami Bowl

GMAN: Origami Bowl

If you have been in class with me you have probably been annoyed by me making origami boxes to hold pencil shavings (so I can sharpen pencils at my desk). You have to have something to do to keep awake when the professor is teaching to the bottom third of the class.

Anyway, This “bowl” design seems like it might be a little more straightforward. I should start precutting origami paper out of old notes and handouts now.

Props to boing boing for this 2003 link!

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So… seriously, how was it?

jessepmullan: so I went on a date with a woman from the personals tonight. we had set up the whole walker thing and all, but I mentioned in an email that I was doing a dallas orbiter double header, and she was all “I love dallas orbiter” and I was all “let’s go! awesome!” and then when I was on the way downtown we talked on the phone and she was all “I met greg [the drummer] through the personals!” and I was all “whaaaaaaaaa?”
jessepmullan: hilarity ensued
jessepmullan: shit, I have to put my sheets in the dryer

I measured it. It was only had three ounces of tequila. It was just enough to mess up my typing, but not enough that I can’t retrieve the misplaced keys.

If I put on some semblance of pyjamamamas I can just go sleep on the couch downstairs with the Crazy Quilt and thadaklhsd a;sdfasdfasd
fa sdfasdfa;sldk

There’s AC downstairs. It’s hot up here.

Okay, so a little while later I’m a little more sober again, and the honest answer is that I don’t think that she and I clicked very well. Also, I was thinking about someone else for the twenty minutes that I waited in Brits because I wanted that particular reader to show up instead. Great, now I’ve said too much. Maybe I’m not very sober at all.

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So, how did it go?

Things that were lacking tonight:

  1. Orchestra Hall apparently does not have bass bins. There was no bass in the show. No bass drum. No bass guitar.
  2. Orchestra Hall apparently does not have hard alcohol
  3. Orchestra Hall apparently does not have ANY alcohol

I am going to go pour the rest of the bottle of tequila into the rest of the pitcher of orange juice.

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By me I mean a woman and I

Scratch that — thanks to the magic of the internet, tonight is probable date night — if she gets my message saying yes to her message. I suppose that I should go shave now.

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By us I mean me

Great, Stan is committed to helping Lisa paint at Marsha and Boot’s place. That means that I will be lost and alone in Brits, because I haven’t heard any other suggestions. Then again, I wouldn’t leave random anonymous suggestions on your blog, either.

Speaking of blogs, I’m annoyed by reverse sequential ordering. It makes it extra hard to read someone’s blog from the start. If that person has, for instance, a novel, you would have to actually work to read it in order. At some point I will rectify that failing in my blog with a “read from the start” link — but where would one start with my blog? I don’t think that anyone wants to read the posts that I imported from 1999 where I say “this is my server, bla bla bla.” I’m guessing that the really interesting stuff starts later, like the start or end of this school year, where I realized that for once I could say pretty much whatever I wanted because:

  1. My workplace doesn’t care
  2. I have three years before I will have to have a job where someone might care
  3. If a reader doesn’t like my writing, or worse, doesn’t find me funny: fuck ‘em! I invite very few people here, the rest are random individuals who came looking for something. I hope that you found what you were looking for, but if you haven’t, uh, well, this is all I have for you.

If you need me, I will be putting on my blue eyeshadow and heading out! (booze time is nine-ish, I think, since Polara plays at ten-ish. If you say hello I will buy you the beverage of your choice)

Note to Paul: Super Karate Monkey Death Car.

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