Yet Another Wishlist

Sarah commented that I should drop hints about what I want for my birthday. Oh. Yeah, that! I forgot about it amidst the wonder and glory of trying to get myself and an apartment full of stuff ready for a cross-country trip.

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Truer Words


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Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

La la lala la la lala la

This way versus this way.

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Batman Spoilers

I <3 (love) the new Batman movie, especially this part:

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A Small Announcement

I’ve been on pins and needles for seemingly months, but finally I have documents in my email offering me the position of Software Engineer at SugarCRM in Cupertino, California. My start date is August 25th. I’m very excited — not just for the job, but also for the daily intake of sunshine.

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Not Off To Europe

Pretty much the rest of the Gallery team is in Amsterdam or on their way there for a weekend of fun and team building. The last two times that I saw Bharat his parting comment was “see you in Amsterdam,” and both times I knew that getting to Europe was a long shot, but I couldn’t bring myself to say so either time. I hope everybody has a great time.

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Back From Brainerd

Canoing: check
Drinking: check
Hot Tubbing: check
Sleeping on an air mattress: also check

I think that I achieved all of my goals for our dual-overnight at Breezy Point with Sarah’s parents.

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Summer Lovin’

Lovin’ summer? I had no idea! When those good folks at Onestop ruined my spring, then unintentionally freed up my summer from the onerous task of going to any classes. Wow. Instead, I get to read books, watch Doctor Who, and completely hose up my sleep schedule on three day weekends. Maybe that last one isn’t so good, but it has kept me reasonably sane while I work and work on secret projects. You might even catch me smiling from time to time.

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Journey’s End

Sarah and I watched the last episode of season four of the new Doctor Who tonight. Well, not the last episode, since there will be a Christmas special, but that’s ages away. Then, next season, there will likely be only four specials. If the Doctor pulls another decade-long disappearing act (or worse, has another run in with Eric Roberts), I just don’t know if I could take it.

All I know is that I’m getting Cybermen for Christmas! YES!

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Happy Birthday, Noah

Noah is currently taking karate — presumably so he can fight zombies hand to hand. The other day he made the following request:

Mom, can we drive through the cemetery? I want to see if there are any zombies.

For his birthday Lisa and Stan laid out some cash for a party at Pump It Up in Plymouth. Pump It Up is the bouncy castle headquarters, with two rooms full of inflatable jumpy time fun. They also had a party room with tiled walls and a drain in the floor. After the kids smeared cake and Cheez-its everywhere they just turned on the firehose to clean up.


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