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So, how did it go?

Things that were lacking tonight:

  1. Orchestra Hall apparently does not have bass bins. There was no bass in the show. No bass drum. No bass guitar.
  2. Orchestra Hall apparently does not have hard alcohol
  3. Orchestra Hall apparently does not have ANY alcohol

I am going to go pour the rest of the bottle of tequila into the rest of the pitcher of orange juice.

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By me I mean a woman and I

Scratch that — thanks to the magic of the internet, tonight is probable date night — if she gets my message saying yes to her message. I suppose that I should go shave now.

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By us I mean me

Great, Stan is committed to helping Lisa paint at Marsha and Boot’s place. That means that I will be lost and alone in Brits, because I haven’t heard any other suggestions. Then again, I wouldn’t leave random anonymous suggestions on your blog, either.

Speaking of blogs, I’m annoyed by reverse sequential ordering. It makes it extra hard to read someone’s blog from the start. If that person has, for instance, a novel, you would have to actually work to read it in order. At some point I will rectify that failing in my blog with a “read from the start” link — but where would one start with my blog? I don’t think that anyone wants to read the posts that I imported from 1999 where I say “this is my server, bla bla bla.” I’m guessing that the really interesting stuff starts later, like the start or end of this school year, where I realized that for once I could say pretty much whatever I wanted because:

  1. My workplace doesn’t care
  2. I have three years before I will have to have a job where someone might care
  3. If a reader doesn’t like my writing, or worse, doesn’t find me funny: fuck ‘em! I invite very few people here, the rest are random individuals who came looking for something. I hope that you found what you were looking for, but if you haven’t, uh, well, this is all I have for you.

If you need me, I will be putting on my blue eyeshadow and heading out! (booze time is nine-ish, I think, since Polara plays at ten-ish. If you say hello I will buy you the beverage of your choice)

Note to Paul: Super Karate Monkey Death Car.

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Now It’s On

Big money! Big money! No whammies! TCF finally accepted my leftover loan money! It’s pony time!

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Too Many Words

Paul (who is one of my most dedicated readers) says that I use too many words. I think that I am already way over my limit on this one, but here are three that he will definitely read:


He might also read any words involving monkeys, ninjas, pirates, robots, or robot monkey ninja death pirates, especially if the robot monkey ninja death pirate has been drinking. I know I would.

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Sadness is a sweet liqeuer

On paper you’d think that it would be one of the happiest evenings ever. Lisa and Stan finally took some much needed Lisa and Stan time, and I got to babysit Noah. We went to Waite Park at the top of the hill. It might only be the second highest point in Minneapolis, but the open sky and setting sun transported the park and everyone in it to the top of the world.

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I Said Maroon and Gold

I just wasn’t in the mood for flower photography today. Maybe I will reshoot all this tomorrow.

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Maroon and Gold

Paul wanted more pictures. Here you go. I’d like to reshoot this with a tripod, but that would be too much like planning.

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