Do You Know The Way To San Jose

Or am I in Santa Clara? Either way, I have the large-bathroomed “handicapped suite.” I am dogged by the persistent yet subtle aroma of feces — or at least old people. I should be seeking a Kinko’s to print something, but instead I want food and a deep sleep.

Dot dot dot.

The pizza is on it’s way, along with a 2 liter of Pepsi. It’s an old fashioned sleepover in the poop room. I’m going to watch some Doctor Who and Mighty Boosh until I pass out.

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He Wrote the Book on CSS

No, not the super fun Brazilian band CSS, the web technology called CSS. Eric Meyer asked if I would join his posse, but I wasn’t up to the initiation, which involves a semantic beatdown.


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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I suppose that if I were to say “jet” you wouldn’t also need to hear “plane” to know what I was saying — seeing as there aren’t very many jet boats around and the promise of jet cars was never fulfilled. All to my endless dismay. Todaymow (the amalgamation of today and tomorrow that is created when you are awake into the tomorrow of what was once today but is now yesterday, but nonetheless you don’t really want to let go) I fly to San Jose for a MySql conference. After three days of manning a booth and fighting sleep during sessions, I will migrate to San Francisco to accompany Sarah on miles of walking around the city. We just watched Zodiac. I’m not allowed to touch knives in Sarah’s presence anymore — or wear the black hood.

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Daily Doodle: Fairy Tales

This week’s theme is “Fairy Tales.” I figured that I should try to be a little less horrifying, so I tried to get Goldy to dress up as a fairy tale character. Goldy was thoroughly nonplussed.

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Daily Doodle: End Game

It’s a sad announcement…
Last daily doodle ever.  April Fools!

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Daily Doodle: April Fools again

I have been waiting for a cease-and-desist letter from the Daily, but I got this instead:

Hello Jesse,

I have been monitoring your Daily Doodle submissions for the past two weeks and I have one thing to say…

Oh, the anticipation! What does he have to say?

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Sarah and I like to eat out, which is good, because I find her smile to be relaxing.
jm_a570 is_10052b.jpg

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Wintersports All Over My Face

The other day it was warm enough to sneak out onto the roof of Coffman for shenanigans — and by shenanigans I mean enjoying a fleeting moment of sunshine.
jm_a570 is_10041b.jpg

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Perfect Day Elise

It was Elise’s birthday, but this time I did not accidentally suckle on a stripper’s nipple.
jm_a570 is_01.jpg

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Saint Paul Children’s Museum

Sarah and I took Noah to the Children’s Museum the other day. I used to go to the Children’s Museum every time I visited Minnesota as a child — I think. This was not the Children’s Museum that I remember, because the Children’s Museum that I remember was fun and awesome, not, uh, boring and traumatizing? Look, evil shadow puppets! Oh, that’s triply redundant!
jm_a570 is_80.jpg

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