What Smells Like B.O.?

So I’ve been biking to work/school all week, this time while wearing an extra shirt so that I can change when I get there. Today I rolled into work and sat down, only to get a whiff of something foul. I smelled myself a few times before Zach finally said “I think it’s onions being cooked in the Campus Club.” So now I know three things that all smell the same:

  1. BO
  2. Badly cooked onions
  3. Ditch weed

How long after moving in with my dad and his wife back in the nineties did it take me to learn what pot smells like?

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Where To Eat Out

Terry and Craig were over dropping off a hard drive for their PC and the Keathlys and I were having a sit down with them about all sorts of stuff, including food (of course). For those of you who don’t know Craig (you might have met him at the Halloween Party, but by the time he showed up, I, uh, well, I’m not sure if he came or not, but I think he was there). Anyway, he works at Pizza Biga, and we talked about all sorts of pizza places around town. Angino’s came up (and not necessarily in a positive light) and Stan asked which place we were talking about.

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1 2 3 4 5 6

Tonight is apparently some sort of thing with the time and everything, like 01:02:03 04/05/06. I dunno, I just imagined my finances, and there’s no way that I can afford to move forward on my general plans without a fairly sizeable cash infusion. I looked at the online personal student loans and it’s like imagining towing a battleship. I have friends with massive debts, but up until now I’ve been doing fairly well just by having loans for tuition (and theoretically books, but the disbursements always come so late that the books were paid for by some other means — like hooking), so my loans have been holding steady at like $8k per year — maybe more, I just close my eyes and think of England.

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Skin Tension

I may or may not have gotten the lyrics correct for this song by Man Man, but Man Man is the new office obsession. We have Tiger Beat posters up all over the place. It’s so awesome.

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Bicycle Commuting

I rode my bike to school and back today, seemingly in a headwind both ways. (and uphill) (and barefoot, in knee deep snow) Instead of carrying my bag with all of my stuff that I don’t need for the day I just stuck my wallet, cell phone, mp3 player, and a handful of other necessities into an extra cloth lunchbag that I had lying around and strapped that to the rack on my bike. Not having a bulky backpack stapped to me was great, whether I was barreling down Johnson (into the wind) or cuising idly down 15th (also into the wind), but when I got to Coffman I came to the realization that my lunchbag was very similar in form and function to a purse. Fucking great. At least it matched my shoes.

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I Was Wondering

“What’s it like having a moustache?”
“Lemme give you one piece of advice, Albie: the second your body’s ready, grow one.”

My Name is Earl is the best show on Television.

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Living In America

Okay, so the idea has been broached that I should move to Anoka with a certain surly lady friend of mine. As you might guess, commuting from the North Pole goes against everything I have stood for since forever and a day. I mean, I commuted to Mendota Heights from Northeast Minneapolis, but, uh, that was when I had a car that I enjoyed driving.

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Sometimes I Am Not a Terrible Boyfriend

I won tickets to the Arab Strap concert on Friday for Cake Woman from Radio K. I gave her name because I will be babysitting Noah Friday night so that I can meet Cake Woman’s aunt on Saturday. I hope that she like balls.

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Bring Me Flameburger!

I slept until one in the afternoon since I had been up all night. An hour or two into my bathrobed lazing about the internet my phone rang. The caller ID said that it was Cake Woman, so I was immediately confused — Cake Woman was supposed to be at work until seven saving people’s lives up Anoka way.

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What an amazing feeling

Up until 5am hacking together code to make my gallery workflow go a little quicker — it’s just like old times except that I don’t have the #gallery crew to chat with. I’d give a lot to have an argument with Joan about biscuits and scones right now. Instead I will crawl into bed completely satisfied with my night.

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