This is what a grade school should look like!

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Duncombe Elementary School, Fort Dodge, Iowa 5050Awesome!


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My old clubhouse

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Now boarded up and locked tight.

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The Legos of my youth

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Yes. I know that the plural is Lego. Eff you.

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The view from Calc II

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Google Search History!

Google Blog
Monkey, pirate, ninja

Those crazy googlites! What will they think of next?

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Gallery Todo:

This was in my notebook, which wasn’t in plain sight on my desk so I promptly forgot.

  • Custom Fields
  • Refactor
  • MPTT
  • Icon Pack
  • MultiRoot
  • Virtual Albums
  • cssname smarty function
  • embed into wordpress
  • integrations nightly builds (done)

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What happens in ACM, anyway?

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Best Cubicle Ever

Best Cubicle Ever
The Office (American Version) > Your Office

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Celebrate the Saga… of Cheez-Its

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ACM Frisbee

ACM Frisbee

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