Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Sumerian

You sum and go, you sum and — wait a minute. What the crap am I singing? The past two days I have been waking up with what I can only describe as a low grade hangover and desire to go back to sleep for additional hours. The thing is that I have been going to bed reasonably early and not drinking. Right now I want to curl up under my desk and just sort of dissolve into the carpet.

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What the Fuck? There’s No Floor?

I have been working hard on my “game” for class all day. I’m up to like three pots of coffee so far.

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Algorithm Dance Sequence

From Youtube (you can watch it there).

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Dear Code That I Do Not Want To Write

Perhaps I shouldn’t drink and code, but, you know, shit happens when you’ve got a major assignment due in 24 hours, with 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, and… wait. That leaves 8 hours to code, eat, and go to that Andrew Bird concert.

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Dear Brown Bicycle That Was Loitering Outside of My Building All Day

Lately I’ve been thinking that I need a relaxed boulevard cruiser with panniers big enough to transport a case of beer*. Lo and behold, someone left their brown cruiser unlocked in front of my building for an entire day.

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I Brains New York

This weekend I sent Zach a link to an NYC zombie pub crawl and a zombie last supper, but not this zombie game, because I didn’t find it until this morning on Justin’s blog. Yes, I got up early to work on my Hitchcock final. Yes, I took half an hour to kill zombies. At least I beat it the first time. The key is to shoot for the head — except for the zombie army guys: take out their legs with the Barrett and you’ll be fine.

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Pinned Up

The other day I was walking through the hallowed halls of Coffman Memorial Union, and I came across a poster stuck to the wall.


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Dessa at Making Music

I went to the Making Music thing in the Whole Music Club at work. I had only my 50mm lens and my D30, so I had to walk around a lot to try to vary my shots. Plus, holy dark venue. Anyway, maybe this you enjoy, no?


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caffeine-free faux punk fatigues

These days if I’m not listening to Emily Haines I’m not listening to anything.

That’s neither here nor there. Nothing is due tomorrow and I have my computer set up, so I got pictures up for your viewing pleasure. Since it has been something like weeks, I know two things:
1) I owe everyone some pics
2) I need to take more pictures

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A Flower for Sarah


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