I Brains New York

This weekend I sent Zach a link to an NYC zombie pub crawl and a zombie last supper, but not this zombie game, because I didn’t find it until this morning on Justin’s blog. Yes, I got up early to work on my Hitchcock final. Yes, I took half an hour to kill zombies. At least I beat it the first time. The key is to shoot for the head — except for the zombie army guys: take out their legs with the Barrett and you’ll be fine.

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Pinned Up

The other day I was walking through the hallowed halls of Coffman Memorial Union, and I came across a poster stuck to the wall.


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Dessa at Making Music

I went to the Making Music thing in the Whole Music Club at work. I had only my 50mm lens and my D30, so I had to walk around a lot to try to vary my shots. Plus, holy dark venue. Anyway, maybe this you enjoy, no?


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caffeine-free faux punk fatigues

These days if I’m not listening to Emily Haines I’m not listening to anything.

That’s neither here nor there. Nothing is due tomorrow and I have my computer set up, so I got pictures up for your viewing pleasure. Since it has been something like weeks, I know two things:
1) I owe everyone some pics
2) I need to take more pictures

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A Flower for Sarah


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Not biking up the mountain on Johnson Avenue has really changed the experience for me. Instead of saving all the exertion for a mile or so of climbing into the heavens (where the Keathlys live), I spread it liberally along Franklin from Cedar to 3rd, and in doing so get to enjoy things like night air and the smells from the bakery about half way here. I’m even not completely dead from the experience!

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I hope that you like… oh, never mind.

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I hope that you like the new site design. Also, give me a call if you don’t know how to get to my apartment, so you can come enjoy the launch party. Hooray!

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Dear Media Temple, Again

I very much appreciate your peace offering of two shirts, a coffee mug, and three lanyards, but what I really want is an apology and a definition of a GPU in finite terms.

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Fight Spam With Arthur

With apologies to the Tick. For a long time I spent hours a day deleting spam comments from my blog. I used to update my naughty word blacklists on a regular basis. I lost time like a blackout drunk, only without all the “oh gosh I ruined my life so maybe I’d better never delete spam again business.” These days I’m above all that.

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