I finally got into that English Literature 1701 class on Wednesday nights. It’s modern literature. So for we have read five short stories and watched one movie. It’s like high school all over again!

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Heia Dimmu Borgir!

Zach quote of the day:

Why does Norway have to be so much better than Sweden?

Why do you even have to ask?

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Sarah has been working on her proposal for a residency at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. It would enable her to produce several editions of her book of rocks while teaching and learning from the kids and staff over there. That’s big time stuff. Although I have a general talent for lining up words one after another, there isn’t much call for pop culture references and flights of alcoholic fantasy in your garden variety artist’s statement*, so Sarah had to call in the big guns: Chandler, whose casually brilliant artistry consistently smashes me in the face. Sarah arranged for us to spend the evening with Chandler and her beau, Donald.

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Friday at Six PM

My heart permanently on my sleeve.

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h0bbel is a Viking

My Viking name is “J√≥surr Quickthews”. Stop bogarting my Viking Name — get yer own!

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Sarah and I had our first class together: ArtH 3940/5940. It’s all things Hitchcock, which is so glorious that I cannot speak. I had a little trouble staying awake during the lecture, but the film was The Lodger, which was quite good, indeed. No, Sarah and I did not make out during the film.

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This is the tattoo that will go on my forearm:
El Corazon

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I almost forgot

Did you leave these panties over by the Huron parking lots?


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Now We Must Pack Up Every Piece of the Life

I’ve scanned 89 images so far today, and the scanner is processing a filmstrip right now. I ordered a couple of books, a compact flash, and a battery off of Amazon — mostly to assuage my desire to pick up a used digital SLR off of ebay for a little under $400. Last night Sarah and I shot pictures of her box in the lighting studio at school. My D30 is nice, but it’s slow to focus and the sensor is dirty. The new cameras have better sensors and all sorts of bang zoom goodies.

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Maria Bamford

Did you see Maria in the Comedians of Comedy tour? Did you see her in my dreams? Now (after the cut), you can see her enact a wondrous simulation of the horror that is family.

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