Clean and Lubed

Okay, I will admit it, I stopped riding my bike because of “cold weather asthma” that kicked in when the temperature got to like ten or fifteen degrees. It’s something that I had experienced before, but after biking home one night in late December I was out of breath for like four hours, and that was plenty of excuse for me to call off the biking for the winter. However, the weather is taking a turn for the warmer, and everywhere I go on campus I see the cool bikes of the hardcore winter riders taunting me, so I figured that it was time to get my bike ready for riding again.

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O Flower

For some reason I am in charge of watering this flower in Zach’s office. Today I had a brilliant idea:

Jesse: I think that I should do that thing with the flower where I cut it back to make it look like a little tree… uh… what do you call that, bukakke?
Zach: Bonsai. You mean bonsai.
Jesse: No, not the one where all the guys blow their load all over a lady, I mean bukkake.
Zach: Uh…
Jesse: Oh, my bad, you’re right. Bonsai it is.


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Signs and Portents

The other day I not only met Cake Woman’s mother, but she gave me a terrific haircut. According to Cake Woman, this usually results in a breakup within a week. About two and a half months ago, Dan told Cake Woman that he gave us three months. If you subscribe to those methods of divination, we should be taking a side trip to splitsville sometime during our New York vacation. Are you as excited as I am?

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Radio K did not send Zach an updated stalking list DJ schedule. Who was playing the reminder of my painful youth 90s flashback?

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And I Thought OSX Was Bad

Cake Woman got a computer from her mother. It is an iMac G3 running at a glorious 400MHz. I donated a 128M stick of RAM to it’s innards, bring it to a glorious 256M level. Using this computer makes me weep.

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I’m Older Than I’ve Ever Been

Paul spotted a white hair on the right side of my head. It is apparently quite long. Better white hairs than no hairs.

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Gnocchi? I almost killed ‘em!

When Cake Woman was over on Friday we made gnocchi. They were delicious, but they took forever.

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Cake Woman’s New Ball


We bowled six games tonight — my best game was 107, and the rest were like 60. I was a lot more consistent — consistently knocking down seven to nine pins per frame. I got two total strikes for the day. Cake Woman’s best game was a 133.

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Cake Woman’s New Ball Demanded a Blood Sacrifice

Cake Woman got her new bowling ball yesterday and had it drilled almost immediately. She decided that it would be more cost effective to bowl for $1.50 a line in the morning than for whatever ungodly sum it is in the evening, so this morning we headed out bright and early to the Blainbrook Entertainment Center to break in her pearl blue ball. We were the first people to bowl, so when Cake Woman finished entering our names (”Death Cougar” for her and “Bilbo” for me), our lane broke the silence with a roar of machinery springing into action.

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Happy Birthday, Zach

Hooray for Zach!

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