So… How Was NYC, Then, uh, You Haven’t Really Said Anytthing

Okay, so it’s probably time for me to relate the tale of NYC III: The Search for Spock, but firstI have to say that I’ve been fucking tired all week long and it’s just getting ridiculous. I barely had the energy to go to Grumpy’s and the strip club with Cake Woman last night. Yes, that’s right, Cake Woman took me to a strip club for the first time, it was a strange experience, and not really worth relating. However, I have a million pictures from New York, and I will share a few of them with you here.

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O Precious Internets, How I Missed You

I think that five days without the internet is the longest that I have gone without using it since it was invented. HOLY BALLS.

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We’re Leaving!

I[’m so excited!

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So close

Yesterday Cake Woman and I did Cake Woman-style things, then went to Dan’s meat thing, then did some shopping, then packed for her, then went to my mom’s house so I could fix her Tivo, then finally came back to my house to pass out at like 2am. As far as today goes, I have my laundry done, but that’s about it. Oh yeah, Lisa gave me a massage that yielded me a looser, less painful shoulder.

I spent the afternoon unnecessarily crabby, but goddamnit, sometimes it is my turn.

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Who steals bike pedals?

So you know how I rode my bike to school/work today? Yeah, it was great: the sun, the warmth, the somebody stealing the pedals off of my bicycle during the day…

I’m not so much angry or upset as just really confused.

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C’mon Spring Break

Cake Woman and I leave for New York on Monday and will be back on the 18th. I’m super excited — so long as I can finish my effing homework before Friday at midnight.

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Pony Pals

Now you know what to get me for my birthday!!!!! !! ! !! ! eleven.
Pony Pals: Plan a Pony Party!!!!!!!!!

No. I want MY OWN PONY, not a rented one.

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Homina homina

Cake Woman took pictures of me pretending to drop a load on my bed. It almost wasn’t pretending. I took a few pictures of her because I don’t have enough pictures of her. Really. Several hundred are not enough.

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Busy Doing Nothing

Aside from the bike stuff this weekend, I also spent quite a lot of time with Cake Woman. For those of you who don’t know, she’s not just beautiful and smart, she’s also funny and not afraid to kick my ass.

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Shave That Thang


Here I am getting many hairs cut short by Cake Woman’s mother.

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