Tomorrow I Ride!

I rode to school Monday and Tuesday, but took Wednesday off to… study… and Thursday I got a ride because I was wrong about the time for my first final. I’m gonna hop on the Surly again tomorrow because I made that promise to myself to ride every day that the temperature is greater than or equal to ten degrees. So far the winter riding has been pretty okay. Snow and ice haven’t been much of a problem, and my Cross-Check has been very comfortable on the fatter tires (700x32c), especially since the rear is a little low. The drivetrain seems to even be quieter, but I really have to bring her in and give her a thorough cleaning. If you’re curious, I tend to stick to the 48 in front and somewhere in the 15-19 range in the rear. I’m running a slightly higher cadence through the snow, which is probably healthier. If I don’t stay on the gas the bike gets a little squirrely, but she loves to run.

I don’t know why I want another bike, but look at this! It’s so pretty!
06 san jose 02

On the other hand, I saw a black Surly on campus the other day. Mmmmm. Really, though, I’m starting to want taller gearing for the summer and maybe a… flat bar (the HORROR!) for winter. So… maybe I want a fixed gear for winter. I know! I know! It’s a cult! However, I could feel the road better and there would be less to go wrong (like the morning that my front derailleur froze up). I’m just saying that it would be interesting. For summer I would take taller gears and a bike fitting — maybe just panniers so I don’t have a backpack, but I’m just not comfortable dropping down in the handlebars unless I’m climbing. Then again, I’m all torso.

The real problem is what to wear while riding in the winter so I’m neither sweaty or freezing when I get to my destination. If the weather stays in the 20s then I would probably be fine with one of my light hoodies and a windbreaker. Windbreaking pants might not be a bad idea, either, plus winter shoes that won’t grow disgusting in the spray from my tires. Boot recommended one of those spandexy shirts under a wool shirt with a windbreaker, but the next thing you know I’d be packing a day’s worth of changes every day.

Anyway, I hope that it stays warm enough for me to ride — otherwise I will have to find some other form of daily exercise. I can’t believe that I just said those two words together: “daily exercise.”

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One down, three to go

I just finished the eagerly anticipated “Linear Algebra and Differential Equations” final. In one and a half hours I will be restraining myself from throttling Professor Voyles, who somehow found a way to make me hate computers and programming. Good job, jerk!

At the very least, I had a very relaxing day of studying, which was cut unfortunately short when I noticed that my Linear Suffering and Differential Despair final was at 1:30, not the normal class time of 3:30. Ugh. I barely had time to cram two slices of Snap! pizza into my mouth (near perfect crust!) into my mouth before Cake Woman drove me to school and threw me out of her moving car. This time I didn’t get any bruises.

So. Yeah.

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People who are friends of mine might like to hear that good things occasionally happen to me.

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I told you that I was awake. Two alarms, light, music, and a wake up call. I rule at this waking up shit.

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I Wish That I Still Had That Email

Hell, I wish that I still had that website. Back in 1994 or 1995 I had a proto-blog until someone sent me an email calling me a “self-absorbed pathetic loser.” Instead of replying, I just deleted everything. You know how you can never come up with a response to something right away, but ten years later you suddenly think of the coldest burn ever while washing your nuts in the shower?

Seriously, if you could help me out, I haven’t yet come up with a good response.

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Let There Be Cake

Just as I was starting to get some homework done, or at least started, or at least resented, I got a text message on my phone. Will the wonders never cease? I mean, holy shit, a month ago my old phone didn’t even get phone messages — I would get a few blocks from home and all of a sudden it would go apeshit with bells and buzzing letting me know that I had a voice mail from my dad and my sisters singing “Happy Birthday” into my voice mail. This is why I don’t call them back — I cannot fucking stand that fucking shit and it is definitely not something that I want to encourage. In any case, my phone told me that I had a message, so I checked it, and it was something like this:

“Which do you prefer, late-night-cake or before-school-cake?”

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Dames Is Grief

Apparently, this should be my new personals ad photo:

Could be worse, could be this:
[editor — photo deleted by request]

Oh, that’s a girl. So are these:
[editor — photo deleted by request]
[editor — photo deleted by request]

Honestly, do you get it, yet? I mean, I have like 350 of these, and they are all like this. It’s like smoking — delicious and terrible at the same time.

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Doomtree Versus Paul

I had such a good time at the Doomtree show with Paul and Ashley. The beats were fucking out of control! We stood in line for an hour before getting in. I was cold, so I warmed up with three rapid beers before I started with the jumping around and the throwing of hands in the motherfucking air. I had a concert buzz for the rest of the night — that crazed energy and smile that pushes sweat out of me by the bucketful. I think that it was “Little Kids” by POS that I actually remembered, but I screamed as much as for Har Mar Superstar.

When I got home I cracked open a beer and made the drunk dials that I had promised, but only Melody was around to be bothered by my rambling innuendos. She apparently had a group of ladies over who were debating spitting versus swallowing, and she settled for me once and for all whether or not bus stop woman had been lying to me about the flavor of such a thing. We closed the book on an eleven year mystery. Hooray!

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Classy Lady

Cake Woman wanted some photos of herself for Christmas cards and such. Since I don’t have a walking around camera anymore I haven’t been taking brazilians of photos of late, so I jumped at the chance to get out the big camera (just a D30, really, so don’t get all excited) and take some pictures. Plus, I don’t usually get to take pictures of people besides Noah, and I never take staged photos of people. It was a whole new world of photography — albeit one within the realm of portraiture, which is more of a craft than anything.

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On Mouse Pointer Sizing

Zach: “It’s so small!”
Me: “I don’t understand that sentence at all.”
Zach: “You’re not gonna touch that one with a ten foot pole?”
Me. “I could, but, uh…”

Heh. I only posted this so I could test out the livejournal syndication.

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