[MN-Subaru] another WRX sighting

I saw a white WRX last week - SUBARU debadged (WRX badging still there). He was youngish, wearing a tie. He had spiky hair.

He happened to be going the same way as me, and tried to leave me behind at a stop light. I stayed on his tail for the first 50 feet or so, and then his boost came on and my boost didn't.


Also, I let off at 35, since that was the speed limit.

Then, he turned onto Prior avenue in Saint Paul, which happened to be the way I was going. For once, the light was green and the intersection was clear as I made it to the intersection, so I pitched it into the corner and somehow managed to squeal my tires loudly as I layed down the “power” and got the back end out. (this was before the suspension

Anyway, I couldn't tell if he was waving or flicking me off as he turned into the Knox lumberyard. Maybe I was a little crazy going around that corner, but then again, I've made that same turn hundreds of times and he started the whole thing by trying to leave me behind at the stoplight. I waved back and continued home.

Matthew Shaffer said:

That was me! I was just egging you on! I kind of had to when you launch it at the light. when we turned the corner and I saw you got sideways I was waving my fist in the air in Applause!!!

I have no choice but to launch it - it's that whole stiff clutch thing. It's a hard launch or a shuddery, chattery mess, especially when I'm
right behind the first WRX I've seen on the road.

I was sideways? Hee hee. I knew that right rear shock was going out. It's a good thing that I know that corner so very well…

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Re: [MN-Subaru] Suspension Install Update

Let's just imagine that a friend of mine picked up my car (1996 Impreza LX) with a recently installed RS suspension for me and came to Mendota Heights to pick me up from work.

Let's just say that as that friend crossed the Mendota Heights bridge southbound, an A4 1.8T decided to chase him. Continuing this line of hypothesis, let's say that as he exited the bridge and came up the sweeping turns on the hill, he hit 115MPH and left the A4 lurching and weezing behind.

You'd assume that this hypothetical person would then very quickly arrive at my place of work to pick me up. Instead, said person might just get LOST and make me wait, and then forget to tell me this story until seemingly hours later. But, ahem, none of this REALLY happened, *to the best of my knowledge*.

So when I did end up taking the wheel of my 2.2 litre (NA) Impreza LX, I found the difference from the old, stock, blown suspension to be quite enjoyable. Only a little bit stiffer, but certainly more more consistent. No more bouncing over bumps (and then bouncing and bouncing)…

Unfortunately, the rallycross scheduled for Sunday has been cancelled, so I don't get to really put the car through its paces until June. May is the Headwaters ClubRally in Park Rapids, Minnesota, where I'll be working, but not competing. :(

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Mar 31, 2001 at 05:50pm

  • Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 05:50pm:
    by jmullan

    I wish that I could say that I had big news for those fans(?) of jmullan.visi.com, but really, aside from collecting another domain (again?), there’s not much to report.

    Okay, well, I suppose that the co-sysop, Kory, has acquired a new machine to replace the tired and aging Pentium 200 that is the current jmullan.visi.com workhorse. But that might not happen for another month. Or two. It all depends on how quickly he moves and whether or not he wants to give up having a linux box in his apartment or not. It should be cool, though, since we’ll have a clean, fresh install of everything.

    Server issues:

    All systems are functioning within normal parameters.

    Like certain fallen angels, this server goes by many names:

    your sysop (Jesse Mullan) :)

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[MN-Subaru] How to do the single piston caliper rear disc brakes on a Subaru

First, my apologies to those who were expecting the factory manual pages to be scanned - I left them at my buddy Norm's house with the old pads. (d'oh!) Anyway, reports that my right rear caliper was hung were greatly exaggerated. True, the pads on that side were worn down to a millimeter or so of material, but the caliper was fine.

A couple of references:

I'm just writing this in the hope that those people who might need the info would get it - I'm not a mechanic, and hopefully I'll have the right view of it for neophytes to understand.

Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels you need to work on so that you can remove them easily when the car is in the air. Jack up the car and place appropriate jackstands under appropriate places. You shouldn't work with the car on the jack. Jackstands are much more stable. I did it with jackstands under the rear of the car (I don't remember where) but, the weight was really on the jack. My bad.

With the rear end safely supported, take the rear wheels off. The caliper is held on by 1 bolt. A big pin helps to position the caliper. The pin is in the top/front of the caliper, on the inside (towards the wheelwell). The bolt is in the bottom/rear of the caliper, on the inside (toward the wheelwell).

Undo the single bolt. Pull it out and set it aside. Pull up on the bottom/rear of the caliper so that it swings up and clear of the pads and rotor. It should pivot on the pin at the front. You may need a pry tool to move the caliper.

With the caliper clear of the pads and rotor, you should be able to slide it off of the big pin and rest it on top of the rotor to one side of the pads. Some people recommend using a piece of wire to hang the caliper from the suspension. Your mileage may vary.

The pads will now be visible. They are held in by clips on either end of the pad. The clips are clipped onto the saddle-like piece that sits over the rotor. I had to pry my pads off of these clips. They had pretty much welded themselves into place. Be careful not to gouge your rotor when you are prying.

Since I had purchased the Subaru pad kit, I had new clips. I took off the old clips and put the new ones on where the old ones came from. Easy enough. There were also plates on the backs of the pads. I put dollops of thick, smelly anti-seize onto the back of the pads, and put the little plates on the new pads where the old ones had been. I put the pads onto the clips.

Next, I used a pad spreader (from NAPA) to force the caliper back into its little home. I made sure to center the spreader plunger on the caliper piston. I used moderate pressure and looked for any sign of binding or seizing. It went back in just fine. Some people say that you should clamp the brake line and open the bleed screw before you do this, so that you don't force back any crap that may have collected in the brake line. There is some danger of forcing crap back to the ABS pump - remember that the lowest point in the brake system is probably your caliper. Your mileage may (again) vary.

Next, I checked the pin and the bolt to see if there was any dirt, damage, or other evidence of binding. There wasn't any, so I put a dollop of antiseize onto the end of the pin and the end of the bolt. I filled the holes on the caliper that the pin and the bolt go into with synthetic grease and slid the caliper onto the pin. I then rotated the caliper back into place and slid the bolt through. I torqued the bolt down to a firm setting. You can always look up the torque specs if you are concerned.

At that point, I was done, and moved on to the next corner. The first one took about 30 minutes, the second took about 15 minutes. I worked slowly and carefully, and had a buddy who had done brakes on many other cars help. Overall, it was really a simple process.

What to do if your caliper really is binding in some way:
Most likely, it's binding on the float pin (or maybe the bolt). When you pull it off, you should see various bits of dirt or other gunk on the pin and maybe in the hole where the pin was. This is what you would clean out. I had one friend who used a bench grinder (I didn't see what he did). I didn't have to deal with it, so I'd just be guessing, but I'm sure you can figure out a way…

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Feb 13, 2001 at 03:48pm

Wow, it's been a while since I've added a server note. I don't think I'd be very good at blogging.

Server issues:

All systems are functioning within normal parameters.

Like certain fallen angels, this server goes by many names:

your sysop (Jesse Mullan) :)

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Re: [MN-Subaru] Backfiring in an RS?

When I went to pick up my car's Christmas present (which I bought from from Michael K. Martin), he let me test drive his RS. Now I really really want a new suspension. It was so tight and there were no spontaneous rear end dances from mid-corner bumps.
As to the dull popping noise, the one time that I thought I heard it, it sounded a bit like antilag, only very quiet. A subtle popping, which I only heard once, and might not even be what MKM was talking about.
What did I get my car for Christmas? A matte black Stromung midpipe and a factory stock RS muffler. The perfect Christmas present - something the car really wants, but would probably not buy for itself because it's too concerned with things that it needs, like winter tires and a new suspension.
I jacked my car up a bit to look at the cat-to-midpipe bolts today before deciding that it was too cold and cramped in my garage to even think about it. I'm putting it off for now, but that first warm day I'm under there with wrenches and a hammer so I can unleash those 2 or 3 hidden horsepower. :)
Unless I can find a heated garage before then…

Jesse Mullan
'96 Subaru Impreza LX AWD 2.2l F4
2000 SCCA LOL Region Rallycross Series Open Stock (2nd in Class)
1999 SCCA LOL Region Rallycross Series U4S Champion

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Oct 12, 2000 at 09:31am

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Sep 26, 2000 at 11:20am

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Swaybar, Front, Removal of (fwd)

I saw a discussion on the M-List about swaybars, and I couldn't find the thread again.

Hey, just for amusement's sake, I removed my front swaybar for today's rallycross (actually, I just unhooked one end - one bolt). WOW. Insano oversteer. Strangely enough, I barely noticed it driving around town (smooth driving?) but on gravel it made a huge difference. I've never had my Impreza so consistently sideways.

What do I think about the average person doing this? Probably not a good idea. Turning and lifting (or worse yet, turning and braking) causes the car to lurch like a VW, keeling over to the outside of the corner. Solution? Power power power. If the car isn't on the front end, it doesn't roll, no? And - I didn't get a chance to try emergency braking while turning at 55 mph or higher. Might not be so fun.

At the rallycross, in first and second gear, I could get sideways with the tap of the throttle. The front of the car just bit down and held, while the back went every which way. I did have a tank slapper situation when I missed shifting into second gear (I had to get my hand back on the wheel for the corner, and then I couldn't find the stick), but I'd run another rallycross like this.

I'd like stiffer front shocks to curb some body roll, and maybe a tiny front swaybar, but I'm so addicted to oversteer. Of course, the only place this really is useful is on gravel at low speeds. I don't think you want to get quite that sideways at higher speeds without a lot of practice, and probably adjustable shocks and stiffer springs for good measure. I'm probably going to look for a quick release pin and a smaller bar, so that I can disconnect it at rallycrosses, yet still have a nose happy car for daily driving.

Nah, I'm gonna put bald tires on the rear and go do doughnuts.

Jesse Mullan
'96 Subaru Impreza LX AWD 2.2l F4 (no front sway bar, stock rear bar)
1999 SCCA LOL Region U4S Rallycross Champion

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Sep 4, 2000 at 05:28am

  • Mon, Sep 4, 2000 at 05:28am:
    by jmullan

    Well, I've been trying to update the sites that exist on this server, with a certain amount of success. I have installed php4, albeit without proper gd support. argh. I've been working towards the end goal of making this website more dynamic. I can now enter these server notes over the web. It's a small thing, but it involves php and mysql. I've gotten the SELECT, INSERT, and UPDATE syntax figured out, but it's not over yet.

    I suppose I should also mention that over on rallymn.com I updated the schedule page to pull from MySQL tables. Woo hoo. Of course, I didn't do a sweet-ass entry page for that like I did for this- this was easy since there's only one table (so far).

    Server issues:

    your sysop (Jesse Mullan) :)

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