SH-60 Seahawk

The first lady flew by my window a few minutes ago on her giant broom.

Whatever your feelings are about the administration, you have to admit that their helicopters are badass.

The green helicopter is significantly bigger than the fire truck.

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For those so inclined

Every year people ask me for “what I want” for my “birthday.”

After the cut, a complete list.

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So Smrt I Am!

I was thinking that we should use the “stadium money” to rebuild the bridge, but then I had a better idea: build the stadium over the river. Run the interstate underneath it. If you believe the stadium people, it will then pay for itself!

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The Bridge

I’m still trying to get a hold of Lisa, but Sarah and I are okay. My mom and John are okay. Paul is okay. Stan and Noah are okay.

Update: Lisa is okay, but she almost took 35W a bit before six. Stan took the day off, or he probably would have been commuting home after five thirty — sometimes as late as six. Dani sent me an update about her and Zach later (I messaged her and Elise over google talk). ACM folks AIMed me when I went on. Then, my friends showed up and we went to rubberneck at the bridge, so I left my AIM on with an away message so people could find me.

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On The Waterfront

I guess that Wednesday I will be available to provide a meeting place before the final film in the “Cinema and Civics” series of outdoor films. It will be after my final critique in Remedial Digital Photography For Dummies, so after Wednesday you can probably expect me to start posting images and text for your amusement again. Hooray!

Finally photography can return to it’s original purpose: exposing my workplace antics to the entirety of the internets, like this:

Ricoh... Suave!

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I just finished an automatic status emailing thing for work. As a reward, the untold bounties of the internet — well, okay, just a trip to Apelad’s site to check out the new LOLCats. They’re hobo cats who talk like the internet in the early nineteen hundreds. Who knew?

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

I’m not hosting any pre-Ghostbusters activities tonight. My apartment is drenched in sweaty clothes and I am too depressed to be charming. I may or may not be at the movie in the park, depending on my ability to leave the apartment.

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Your Lips Are Red

My hands are black

Doom and gloom, sturm und drang. Enough! Depression is old and busted, St. Vincent is the new hotness!

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Click Click Click Click Camera

I was trying to get an A for once. My last assignment came back with a B+, so fuck that.

I’m probably just going to pick one night (tomorrow? Wednesday?) to go take pictures of ten buildings, then another to adjust the color of all of the pictures, then one more to print ten images. Then I will be done with class. Hooray! What a fucking waste and a drain. Bullshit.

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Mistakes Were Made

I bought groceries and paid as many outstanding bills as I could find. I got bailed out again. I am trying to not feel like a complete failure for everything.

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