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Q: Why do you hate the Doodlebops so much?
A: I don’t hate them at all.

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Fall 2006 Schedule

I just finished registering, which meant replacing the physics class with an easier one and adding a Chicano Studies class. Hopefully I will get to learn all the awesome brujeria stuff with eggs and chants.

Sana, sana, colita de rana, si no sanas hoy, sanarás mañana.

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Mushta Krackeesh

Dethklok has written my THEMESONG.

Everything will be METAL.

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German Moonshine

I went to Vegas for a Gallery thing. Jens from Germany was there, and he supplied some German moonshine, pictured in my hands here:

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C is for Cookie

That’s good enough for me

Me fail linear algebra? That’s unpossible!

Cookie cookie cookie starts with “C”

C’s get degrees!

I get to apply for my major!


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Gran Turismo Crack

So Cake Woman bought me a PS2 for my birthday, and the Keathlys bought me Gran Turismo 4 to go with it. It took me a few days to get in to it, but last night when I saw that the next to the last stage of the International A License was the famed Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. I went to bed last night all atwitter after running through 3 minutes of the track. I understand that the average reader of my blog doesn’t care about the crisp graphics, the exacting physics, the graffiti on the 170 turns in the racetrack, but holy crap I did.

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What You Talkin’ About, Zach

zach: I am #1 for fucking crock

Zach is dirty.

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Who Has Two Thumbs?

Continuing my tradition of the most obscene posts possible:
Who Has Two Thumbs

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Happy Birthday To… Me?

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Happy Octomensiversary!

Cake Woman and I went out to Gasthof Zur Gemuetlichkeit today for my birthday (tomorrow) slash our 8 month anniversary. There was some sort of “leukemia benefit” going on, so we horned in on the $25 all-you-can-eat German food buffet. It was kind of nice, except for the slightly racist accordion player.

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