You Smell Like Boy

Occasionally, girls tell me that I smell very good. I think that’s because I use cologne. It looks like it’s finally getting wide release, so I won’t have to order it off of the internet:


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I’d Gladly Pay You Tuesday

New camera, film scanner, far too much contrast, and, uh, something.

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Help The Police

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Can’t See The Forest

Okay, WTF, why am I awake? Stupid second wind. Well, Sarah did go to the trouble of developing my B and W film, so…

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Fill My Belly, Tiny Sandwich

My brain tells me that I was up until five last night hunched over the laptop writing code. I expect only the craziest of thoughts all day as a result.

Oh, I totally woke up from a dream with the fix for a coding problem that I was having. Crazy times.

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What Goes Up?

I got the negatives back from the first roll of print film to pass through my new camera. I had Target process them and give me an index print, but didn’t get any prints, so I had to fix my desktop and get the slide scanner running again before I could see if the steampunk-style focusing of my new Yashica Auto Focus (circa 1978 or so) actually worked. Indeed, the loud grinding of whirring and grinding of gears did in fact yield reasonable focus, but at 28mm, I’d hope the lens could get there.

Here’s some snow:

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Holy Shit, I Think It Snowed!

Just, in case, you know, you didn’t notice.

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In Deep

One of the things about the photography class that I picked up was the idea that it might be all right to have trees as a subject. I know, I know, it’s hardly the portrait work that people have claimed to like, but, uh, as an exploration of form, and a statement against the tyrannical hegemony of sharply focused images, uh, ahem.

I’ll be over here.


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emacs php lint mode

This will excite everyone, for suitably nerdy definitions of everyone. Also, assuming that you use emacs to edit php. Also assuming that you edit php. So. Really. Just me.



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He’s Crafty, He Gets Around

Everyone is doing the crafty thing, you know, with the whole cross stitch/crochet thing, so why shouldn’t I do some, uh, crafty thing, with, like, a mirror, and some “found objects” (loteria cards!).

Or I could just buy one:

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