You Can Pretend That This Is A Picture Of Art

I didn’t take any pictures of art because that would be stealing, like downloading mp3s illegally.

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Doesn’t That Mean Chaos?

For that matter, what does the star mean?

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Bicycle and Bathrooms

I was considering doing a recurring series of photos of Port-O-Johnny-Biffs, but too many people already take pictures of crappers.

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I Was Going To Write On This Guy’s Face With A Sharpie

But he woke up. Sonofa.

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Tip Your Librarian. I Mean Barista.

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Please Volunteer!

I am not allowing myself to volunteer for any new projects right now, including the rebuilding of nations. Why do you think I didn’t join the (Army|Marines)?

I only gave them $5. I feel bad, because I’m going to go spend a ton of money pretending to be cultured.

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Note To Self: See Broken Flowers

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Do Not Enter, Slut

What am I saying? That’s not what I meant at all. Of course sluts are welcome. After all, I’m here.


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Funnel Web Spider

I mean funnel cake!. I always make that mistake. Uh oh, if that’s the cake, where’s the spider?

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Bloomin’ Onion Machine

Spike knew, and now so do you. The secret is the cold water bath, and this midieval torture device repurposed to manufacturing deliciousness.

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