By A-, I mean B+

So, uh, never mind.

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Hooray For Me!

An 86% in CSci 4011 translates to an A-, which, when combined with the A in my two credit coursework and run through my combinatorial machine, produces a GPA for the semester of 3.78! Hooray! I don’t think that the Dean’s list includes half time students in the summer, but that would be cool to get there again.

Just as I saw that grade the sun came out. How’s that for awesome? I get to look out of my window and see the sun falling on lush greenery across the river.

I should get back to the Gophers Afterdark calendar, because it is terribly important.

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Secret Shame

Before I dated Melissa I was single for four years. Here’s to four more!

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Whew! I made it!

I got to both shows, but I was a little late for the first. Here is a one sentence review of each:

Adventures in Mating: This show was hilarious.

The Scrimshaw Show: This show had hilarious moments.

Happy now?

During the Scrimshaw Show I literally fell out of my chair when the skinny brother beat a Vonnegut joke into a fine froth. I’m not sure if anyone else was laughing, but he had me in the palm of his hand and squeezed. Then again, Cat’s Cradle was about a quarter of one of my four credit courses, so that comes to something like $400 just to get that series of jokes. My own particular take on comedy is that if you can make one person laugh until they have an aneurysm you have done plenty, even if everyone else in the room just looks at you like you’ve gone crazy. Way to go, Joe. If I may call you that.

Adventures in Mating was set in a restaurant on the surface of the sun, so there was no air conditioning in the theater. Maybe there is never any air conditioning there, I don’t know, it was just hot. In any case, very funny, but the audience participation was, of course, typically Minnesotan: lame and predictable.

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Fringing It

I should put on some pants and get out of here to see if I can see Adventures in Mating.

If I should go without pants, turn to page 23. If I should wear pants, please turn to page 53.

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You Can Pretend That This Is A Picture Of Art

I didn’t take any pictures of art because that would be stealing, like downloading mp3s illegally.

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Doesn’t That Mean Chaos?

For that matter, what does the star mean?

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Bicycle and Bathrooms

I was considering doing a recurring series of photos of Port-O-Johnny-Biffs, but too many people already take pictures of crappers.

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I Was Going To Write On This Guy’s Face With A Sharpie

But he woke up. Sonofa.

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Tip Your Librarian. I Mean Barista.

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