I think I need to buy some shoes.

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Hi Mom

If you can see this, then you know that it’s a portrait, but what you might not know is that it is a portrait of my mother that I shot for class. Hooray!

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What? Where Am I?

I know where I haven’t been — the internet. This week revealed itself to be mostly a pile of midterm sized paperwork. Plus, Sarah has been absorbing a good deal of my attention, which pays dividends in her general awesomeness and the amount of her attention that I get to absorb in return.

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Two Libraries, Eleven Books, and a Lot Of Coffee Later

I guess that my first draft of my paper for Mexican Folklore was “done,” but, uh.

Tomorrow I have to finish shooting a roll of film, maybe shoot another, develop that or those, print contact sheets, print seven 8x10 pictures, and mount four of them. Also I have a physics lab that I have to go to.

And maybe work.

Maybe I should get up early.

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Hold Your Horses

I hung out with Sarah this afternoon. We watched Nacho Libre, cooked and ate a delicious dinner, and then watched Syriana. Interspersed in there was a review of her photography and a shameful review of my own. Rumor has it that we could do art-type-things Friday and Saturday, which means that I wouldn’t necessarily have to wander through a crowd of strangers to look at art-type-stuff. Glorious.

So, uh, everyone behave yourself and keep your hooting and hollering to a dull roar. Now if you don’t mind, I have do some reading.

Also, maybe obsessively go through my photos looking for things that say “look, I’m not a terrible, terrible hack.”

No! I will stay on task!

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At This Rate, We Could Be Here A — Oh. I Already Said That

I’m still uploading my entire 36 gigabyte gallery to my new web server. It’s taking forever, for suitable definitions of forever.

I asked Google how long it would take.

((36 - 22) * gigabytes) / (20 (kilobytes per second)) = 8.49540741 days

Thanks, Google.

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Son of Sam, Son of a Bitch

Gettin’ Paid, gettin’ rich

My team did… not well… in the programming contest today. I missed the opening at the Minnesota Center for/of/near Photography. I’m gonna go play Trivial Pursuit to make up for it.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Stan!

I feel kind of bad for not being prepared for Stan’s birthday yestertoday. That’s right, I just made up a word that means the day before the day that it technically is when you’re still awake from the day before and most people haven’t woken up for todaymorrow. I think that todaymorrow defines itself. Maybe I should go to sleep.

Stan is like the big brother that I should have had. I hope that he likes his two CDs of Death From Above 1979 goodness. Now he can rock OUT while washing the dishes.

Maybe I should wash the dishes for his birthday, too — or for any reason. Man, I’m the worst roommate ever.

Happy birthday, Stan! <3 <3 <3

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Photo Post

This was for the “abstract” assignment. How arty!

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The Plague

I got a flu shot today. Zach came in even though he was sick because he hungered for brains. I locked him out and barred the door, telling Kamran to stay quiet and maybe Zach would go eat a designer instead.

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