Didja Get That Thing I Sent Ya?

I got a very special package from Norway the other day. Thank you, h0bbel, thank you. Words cannot express!

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Sick and Back Again

Sarah came to California to hand deliver the flu. I picked her up from the airport and installed her on my newish couch with soup, tea, orange juice, and her particular brand of incomprehensibly Australian soap opera involving sweaty wrestling cowboy brothers. Sarah’s fever doubled after watching two episodes, and by the time two deaths were faked she burst into flames.

“Don’t make fun of me!” she hollered as I chortled over the clairvoyance of one of the main sisters — or was it a cousin? A friend? I don’t know. In any case, by Saturday she was feeling mostly better so we went to the ocean.


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Noah and the Keathlys (and apparently Sarah) sent me a Halloween card with a temporary mustache tattoo enclosed. I am pleased.
Picture 7

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Lonely As a Cloud in the Golden State

I’m fairly sure that I was promised endless summer and sunshine when I agreed to move to California. It rained Friday night, Saturday, and is raining today. Then again, I did enjoy nearly two months of ridiculously constant sun, and since the patio door is open, I can hear the gentle rainfall while I debug things for work.


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Sad News

After five years of being a member of the core developers of the Gallery open source software — and reaping many personal, academic, and professional rewards from the same, I quietly left the team on Thursday. A large contingent of the core developers had met at the extended Googleplex here in Mountain View to sit down and hammer out as much of the next version of Gallery as possible. Halfway through day two I realized that my heart simply wasn’t in it. Yes, I still love software development, and still need software to manage my images, but somewhere during my sabbatical for school I drifted away and just never came back. Splitting from your high school girlfriend when you go to college is a bit cliché, but that’s pretty much what happened. I continued to offer logistical support to the team for the rest of the week, but Thursday afternoon I went back to my day job and tried to stay out of the way of Gallery’s progress.

Leaving was an incredibly difficult decision. I am still a bit flattened by it.

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Let’s see some pictures! Yay!

I spent a week or so unpacking and decluttering in anticipation of a couple of guys spending a few days sleeping on my couch. In other news, I bought a couch one day. Don and I packed it into our two cars along with shelves, cushions, and other assorted IKEA detritus. I assembled it, and now finally I can twist Don’s arm until he comes to hang out at my place. I’ve even wound up and twist tied those cables in the box in the foreground. I can finally find that SCSI cable from 1996!

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Happy Halloween

Today there were guns and other funs in the suns. Tonight, we made this for your pleasure:

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Bidet, sir. I SAID BIDET!

I am at the Googleplex for three days with the Gallery group to hack out a completely new version of Gallery. After drinking a huge cup of coffee and a small cup of tea, I found myself suddenly in need of a restroom visit. I don’t know if you know this, but the Google bathrooms have heated seats, and sprays of warm water for your bottom. I thought that this would be the height of luxury, but, uh, no. That was actually kind of… icky.

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Now With More Fishtank!

I finally replaced the aquarium that I left behind in Minnesota with a new one. Observe:
Picture 4

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About Pitbulls

When you refer to “lipstick” in the context of a canine, doesn’t it usually refer to the dog’s penis as it extends from the prepuce? I’m just saying that “Pitbull with lipstick” seems to me to mean “a dog with an erect wang.”

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