I Turn My Camera On

I seem to have somewhat accidentally purchased an old film camera on the ebay. I blame Sarah for shaking my faith in the goodness of digitalness.

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He don’t know why the sun sets

Compilers kicked my ass Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights. Wednesday, I watched Lost and wandered around in a daze. Thursday night I was that kind of tired where you’re just too tired to fall asleep, but I specifically did not do anything besides fix my workstation so that I could do my homework for Computer Science 4061: Introduction to Operating Systems — otherwise known as “Beginning C Programming in a POSIX environment.”

I wanted to be shitted, showered, coffeed, and at the computer by noon at the latest, but Lisa wanted the sink fixed before anything, so I didn’t get to it until after a trip to South Minneapolis and McDonald’s. Then, at one (or so), I sat down for about eleven hours to hammer out a shell. I took a break to watch Monk and eat pizza, and I think I stopped for a while for something else, so let’s call it nine hours.

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Baby, I been havin a tough night so treat me nice aight?

I scanned two rolls of film and cut vegetables for an upcoming soup. I also attempted to fix the Keathly sink, but Home Depot lacked the right faucet cartridge. I finally replaced the failing hard drive in my workstation, but then also formatted a linux partition on my boot drive that had the grub loader that was… uh… chain loading(?) windows? I dunno. Apparently I can just do fixmbr from the WinXP install disc, but, uh, wow, that even puts ME to sleep.

Soooooooooo, pictures!

Team Kickass reunites for Zach’s party. Zach is wearing the robe and wizard’s hat, Paul is wearing the white hat, and I am wearing no hat. Everyone is laughing because Paul is telling a story about someone pooping.

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There was a surprise birthday party for Zach on Friday. Booze attended. I almost peed on Sarah’s dresser in the middle of the night.

“You’re not in the bathroom!”

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Here’s One I Made Earlier

Dear Beatboxing that gives me uncomfortable and inappropriate erections while I am at work,
I think that you know where this letter is going, so I will leave the conclusion up to you.

Sincerely yours,
Jesse Mullan

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If Something in the Deli Aisle Makes You Cry

Another weekend, another night of bowling and fisheye lenses exploding all over the floor. I got a Lomo fisheye for XXXmas, but the focus is off and the lens comes apart. Lisa didn’t know about the latter when she went to take a picture of me bowling, and the lens elements went everywhere in Memory Lanes. It was like I had forgotten how to bowl, or my arm had lost its strength, for I lost both games. Stan had the worst form but seemed to dominate. I guess I’m a drinker, not a bowler.


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Back Piece

This is what I doodled in class the other day:
Enter The Kraken

I may or may not doodle more in the class “Introduction to the Series of Tubes Frequently Referred to by the Sobriquet ‘the Internets,’ Or, If You Are In Especially Refined Company ‘the World Wide Watermelon,’” so if I do, you’ll get to see. I think that the Kraken should be bigger — otherwise it’s just a giant squid.

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I picked the sweaty one

There was a poll on the website at work. This is what it looked like:

Note: I only took a screenshot of it, so clicking won’t actually do anything.

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Swearing Is Its Own Reward


It’s As Cold As a Foreigner Song Out Here

There were grain elevators between the day rate parking lots and the train tracks by Mariucci arena on campus. I saw them every day when I drove to campus. The University recently demolished them to make way for some new abomination – possibly a stadium. Sarah, Chandler, and Donald had plans to go photograph the elevators first and they kindly invited me along at a point when even Sarah barely knew me.

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What keeps you warm at night?

Why hasn’t anyone else ever taken a picture of the horizon as the sun dips down? Amazing. I’m so full of ideas.

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