Watermelon For Paul And Zach


The other day I had a sudden craving for watermelon, so I took some pictures while I gorged on it.

I’d post pictures of my car, but my camera is in Anoka.

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Get The Orange Bucket!

When I cleaned up my bike for spring a few months ago I bought one of those orange buckets from Home Depot to put stuff in. I wasn’t sure that it was a good deal as such, since we already had buckets around the house, but it has sure been used since then. We used it cleaning the new place and cleaning up the Keathly household for parties and such.

Then there was yesterday when I came home from school/work because I wasn’t feeling well. I was a bit nauseated, so I asked Lisa for a bucket in case I had to throw up. She brought me one of the gallon-sized popcorn bowls. The time came for me to vomit, and as the bowl neared the halfway point, I managed to stop long enough to gasp “get the ORANGE bucket” because I was starting to worry that I would need five whole gallons of vomit capacity. Lisa brought the orange bucket, and there was a successful switch during my next round of vomiting seconds later. The third round wasn’t quite so spectacular — I just threw up the shot of Pepto that I had tried to choke down.

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Oh yeah, the linear algebra class is using a different book, so I’m out $90 for a used one.

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Those Shoes Are Mine, Bitch!

Melody and I were looking at shoes on the internet, because I am a girl.

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

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The Car Is Mine!

Who knew that purple shit smelled so much like rainbow sherbet?

The car is actually “Regal Blue Pearl” which means “Navy Blue.”

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On The Wings Of Pigs


Rumor has it that my car is on the way to Minneapolis and I will be driving it home tomorrow. I will believe it when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.

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OMGZ Bikes

It took me a long time to pick my Surly out last summer. Since then I have lost a few pounds and spend a bit of money on things like bike clothes. I can’t say that I really love biking. Honestly, it’s more fun to drive. However, I cannot argue with the fact that biking is the fastest way for me to get to work aside from being dropped off in front by someone else in a car. It also saves me $3.25 a day in parking and about $50 a month in gas. Yes, it is more expensive to park than to buy gas. Oh well.


I’m thinking about adjusting the handlebars on my bike. I think I’m just a bit too fat to get down into the drops — I mean, my torso is freakishly long. My Surly is a wee 49cm model, but my torso belongs to a much larger man, and not just in the gut region. I’ve been working on the seat position and I think that my ass is finally happy, but now my hands are falling asleep and I’m just not comfortable hunched over.

Here’s the winter configuration for comparison:

The skinny summer tires did make a difference. The bike is faster. Never mind.

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Dig My Own Grave

Saturday I went to help my mother with the pond in her backyard. Basically, she wanted me to dig up a willow tree and then extend her pond by removing many wagons full of black dirt. Don’t ask me where I put it.

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Paul Made Me A Robot

     | @ @ |
   | |_//  | |_//
   \__/\\  \__/\\
     |_| = |
     | | | |
     | |_|_|_

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A Joke For You

What kind of car do pirates drive?

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