Finland: The Foreigner’s Guide to Finland

Have you ever considered Finland as a travel destination? Read this guide to Finland - it's very informative and sometimes a little bit funny.

For the record, my roommate is at least 50% Finnish. I live in Minnesota, which has large groups of Finns wandering the countryside, especially up north.

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I’ve learned more about Debian than I ever wanted to

No matter how much fun it is to stretch out sleeplessness on into the night, I should really go to bed. My laundry is in the dryer and I don't have any outstanding server issues - except for getting java and stuff to work. Didn't I just do this a few years ago? I am such a retard.

Any minute now I am going to be banned from the gallery irc chat, I just know it - and then fired from my temp job, and then…

I should go to bed.

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Noah is walking!

I just talked to Lisa, and little noah is walking from place to place in the house without holding on to anything! Go Noah! He's walking from the living room to the kitchen. Next stop, presidency.

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Debian in the hizzle

My good friend Monte gave me a laptop with a broken hinge. I did my best to fix the hinge but it is still a little bit funky. Then, after vainly trying over and over to get Kory's spare wireless ethernet card working, we discovered that it won't operate in Linux. Kory sold that WiFi card to Monte , and I figured that was that. A laptop just isn't that useful with no internet connection.

So, today, as I walked past the dumpster next to Monte's place, I noticed a shrink-wrapped box sitting on top of the pile of wood scraps and broken windows. I fished it out and discovered that it was a regular ethernet card. That means that within a few hours I was able to get Debian reinstalled and gnome and Mozilla running. As of this moment I am typing on the laptop.

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Go towards the light

In an almost Dicksensien turn, a secret benefactor paid for my domain name. He told me not to feel guilty for renewing my domain name. Should I feel guilty for wanting to spend it on bus fare to get to my temp job? No! Vanity and pride will prevail and I will maintain and all that name implies.

If you're wondering, the money was because I am hosting nightly builds (CVS snapshots) of the gallery source code. The funny part is that after I initially set up the cron job there was very little actual work on my part beyond the occasional cleanup of extra versions. Of course, I made the decision a long time ago never to be too prideful to accept a gift. Thank you, mysterious benefactor!

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How Nintendo Are You?

How nintendo are you?

Joss Whedon rules. Go watch the Buffy finale!

This week on Buffy:


Giles sits at the table with Xander. There is a pile of books and plans before us, so we can't see the map they are referring to. AMANDA looks on, and an ND potential. They are tired, but earnest.

GILES: I've gotten turned around. You're here.

XANDER: By the pillar, yeah. I'm protecting this area.

GILES: That puts me here. By the door. Demons around the perimeter… right. So I open the door.

Widen to find ANDREW, reading from an old rule book with some handwritten notes on loose leaf. And, oh, yeah, he's wearing a red cloak, hood up.

ANDREW: You go through the door… you are confronted by Trogdor the Burninator.

GILES: Bugger all. Fight.

Giles rolls ten-sided dice.

ANDREW: Adios to five hit points. Trogdor has badly wounded you.

GILES: What about my bag of illusions?

ANDREW: Illusions? Against a burninator?


Silly, silly British man.

AMANDA: I invoke a time flux on Trogdor.

ANDREW: Step down, girlfriend, you can't just –

AMANDA: Ninth level sorcerer, and I carry the emerald chalice. Trogdor is frozen in time, deal with it.

XANDER: Smackdown on red riding hood ! This could get ugly.

GILES: Could it possibly get uglier? I used to be a highly respected Watcher. Now I'm a wounded dwarf with the mystical strength of a doily.

(rubs his eyes)

I wish I could just sleep.

AMANDA: What kind of person could sleep on a night like this?

WIDEN to find Anya, head on the table, snoring away. Xander puts a hand on her head, affectionately.

XANDER: Only the crazy ones.

By the way, I think that this means that I should go to bed.

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Fade to Black

There is a good chance that will go away for a while, since I can't afford to renew the domain name and DNS services. It's expiring today, so you might not even read this. Don't worry, this “content” won't disappear into the Matrix, but it might hide for a while.

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Lunar Eclipse

Last night the guys came over for Magic night, but again, there was no playing of Magic the Gathering. Instead, we grilled bratwursts and watched the moon turn an evil blood red- well, gray red really. Actually, it was kind of a dirty brown color. Never mind.

Matt Dees said:

why is it that after i take out my contacts and brush my teeth i become
awake again?

anywho the navy likes eclipses too actually there is another total lunar
this year and if you want to go to antartica or austrailia you can see a
total solar as well…

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Morning people are evil robots in disguise

You know how in movies, people always wake up by snapping open their eyes and leaping out of bed? That just ain't right. People who do that are actually evil robots like the Terminator (as played by Arnold “It's not a tumor” Schwarzenegger). Humans wake up slowly, and stumble around until they get their coffee - or until noon, whichever comes first.

Check your friends. Check yourself. Evil robots are everywhere.

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I gotta get me a Woolrich coat

I had a sudden craving for rap mixed with marching band. There really needs to be more of it, and I'm not talking about the flashy twirly stuff- I want funky drummin', screaming wild brass, and the biggest bass drums you can find. If you can mount timpani in wheelbarrows I don't think it would be too much.

Then again, I'm weird.

Lil' Kim rapped in The Jump Off:

I got my eye on the guy in the Woolrich coat

Don't he know Queen Bee got the ill deep throat?

Uh! Let me show you what I'm all about

How I make a Sprite can disappear in my mouth….HO!!!!

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