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First I want to give my utmost thanks to Ann from HelpingU for taking quick and decisive action with regards to my SELF loans. Not having that problem hanging over my head meant that I could spend the last three weeks of classes only stressing about homework and finals. However, a new semester is upon us, and with new semesters come new problems, or at least new combinations of old problems.

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The Drinking With Nerds Might Not Happen

CSci 5403 - Computational Complexity
Monday, May 8th, 4:00-6:00pm
EE/CSci 3-111

CSci 5421 - Advanced Algorithms
Tuesday, May 9th, 6:30-8:30pm
EE/CSci 3-125

CSci 3081W - Program Design and Development
Wednesday, May 10, 8:00-10:00am
EE/CSci 3-230

CSci 4131 - Internet Programming
Thursday, May 11th, 1:30-3:30pm
EE/CSci 3-111

Drinking With Nerds
Friday, May 12th, 5pm - Collapse
Stub and Herbs (?)

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Lisa, It’s Your Birthday

Happy Birthday, Lisa!

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The New Place

Two weeks ago I moved Cake Woman into our new apartment. Lisa and my mom helped clean and pack, and eventually Cake Woman helped me load a few boxes. I think that I moved four loads with the pickup and the wagon by myself, but every time I tell the story I add another load to the list. I’m up to about 600 loads now.

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Postscript to PDF on Windows

I had to print a postscript file on windows. Adobe apparently hates people, so they don’t make their acrobat reader just read postscript files (which would make sense, since postscript and pdf are somewhat related).

Instead I had to install ghostscript, add its /lib and /bin directories to the system path, and then add an action to the file associations for postscript files to call ps2pdf with the filename and the filename concatenated with .pdf. Hooray for wasting a half an hour looking for examples on the internet. The key here is that it was not any harder to do this on windows than it would have been on linux, it’s just that everyone who does it on windows ends up writing a shareware GUI wrapper for it. That’s great if that’s your bag, but I just want to right click on it and do pdf. Actually, I might make that the default double click action — it just poots out a pdf, because when am I ever going to be dicking around in ps files?


Ugh. Stop writing shit in LaTEX. Just use html, then you wouldn’t have these problems. Jerks.

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Happy Birthday, Mission Accomplished

It’s been three years since we won the war in Iraq. Hooray!

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Zombies attack University of Minnesota

More Zombies

Photos from the Minnesota Daily. Used without permission.

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I heard a rumor today that Radio K is going to ruin change their logo. Nonetheless, I still found it in my heart to buy a couple of watts (because I try not to be a complete leech all the time). At first I was planning on calling from the All Request Hour headquarters in the Whole down in the basement of Coffman because Zach and I have made a habit of going down and harrassing the staff. However, they were jerks who wouldn’t play my requests out of time, so whatever.

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Free Food

The other day we had an employee banquet at work, where we feasted upon the flesh of junior employees.

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He’s gone, man, he’s just gone

So I’m watching Mythbusters and I see the ad for the “Meat Missile” episode. Of course I had to share that news with Zach, who had some new of his own.

jessepmullan: there’s meat everywhere
Zach: I’m not going to sleep
Zach: I’m just going to watch Lost
jessepmullan: hhahaahaha
jessepmullan: how many episodes in are you?
Zach: “episodes?”
Zach: I’m on an island man
Zach: and I’m lost

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