I’m in Bellevue, Washington for a web development summit put on by Microsoft. The shuttle took me to the wrong Courtyard Marriott in Bellevue. The first elevator was missing the button for my floor: where there should have been a button was a hole with loose wires in it. It has been a strange day.

I am going to go find some sort of food on the mean streets of the city.

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Announcing Code or Theory

If you’re looking for more technical writing (not usually the domain of this blog) you can head over to my new blog: Code || Theory. That’s not “Code 2 Theory,” those are vertical bars, and two of them together is an “OR” operation in PHP (and likely other places). If you don’t understand that, you’re probably not the target audience of the new place, where I will likely never swear or post photographs.

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In Your Head, Zombie, Zombie, Zombie ie ie

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I just pooped my pants.

Sarah and I decided to rent 1408 tonight because it has John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in it. Sarah screamed. Later, I went to the bathroom, but when I opened the door to come back, Sarah was standing silently in the darkened hallway. I screamed. We may never be able to sleep again.

I didn’t know that people actually scream. Terrifying.

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Chicago Style

I am trying to write a paper for class. This is the first one that will not be in MLA style. I don’t know how I’m going to keep the mustard, onions, sweet pickle relish, dill pickle spear, tomato slices, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt with the paper, but whatever. Oh man, I’m gonna have to make two so I can have one for lunch. Delicious.

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O Ibuprofen, I’ve Missed You

I hurt my back yesterday, possibly by carrying my bike up the stairs from the basement of my apartment building. I left my 800mg ibuprofen tablets at home, so I swallowed most of the ibuprofen in the break room. Has it been six to eight hours yet? I want to take the rest of them.

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Chocolate Plane

Some people will know who this is. If not, count yourself among the survivors. In any case, Tay Zonday was on my flight to San Francisco.
Jesse and Tay Zonday

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I Finally Touched the Ocean

On Sunday, Bharat drove me to the Pacific Ocean and then took a few pictures with my camera while the ocean washed over my feet. It was very cold and I was very happy.
feet wet.jpg

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Wrecked me? It nearly killed me!

San Francisco was amazing. I am home safe. I don’t think that I will ever fly the red eye again.

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San Francisco Rush

In a few hours I will be flying to San Francisco for a thing. I’m taking two cameras, four BP-511A batteries, just over ten gigs of compact flash cards, and three rolls of Fuji film from Target. Expect some sort of photographic documentation of the trip.

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