O Ibuprofen, I’ve Missed You

I hurt my back yesterday, possibly by carrying my bike up the stairs from the basement of my apartment building. I left my 800mg ibuprofen tablets at home, so I swallowed most of the ibuprofen in the break room. Has it been six to eight hours yet? I want to take the rest of them.

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Chocolate Plane

Some people will know who this is. If not, count yourself among the survivors. In any case, Tay Zonday was on my flight to San Francisco.
Jesse and Tay Zonday

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I Finally Touched the Ocean

On Sunday, Bharat drove me to the Pacific Ocean and then took a few pictures with my camera while the ocean washed over my feet. It was very cold and I was very happy.
feet wet.jpg

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Wrecked me? It nearly killed me!

San Francisco was amazing. I am home safe. I don’t think that I will ever fly the red eye again.

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San Francisco Rush

In a few hours I will be flying to San Francisco for a thing. I’m taking two cameras, four BP-511A batteries, just over ten gigs of compact flash cards, and three rolls of Fuji film from Target. Expect some sort of photographic documentation of the trip.

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Strike Update

Still no news.

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International Espionage

Paul and I went to Funk at the Fred.

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Union Made

AFSCME has been on strike at the university. You probably know this already, but if you don’t, it’s over the amount of correction to their pay it will take to bring them on par with other state employees and how future planned raises will keep up with inflation — at least that’s how I understand it. As an employee of the state (civil service bargaining unit) I am legally barred from a sympathy strike, just like they are legally barred from blocking my access to state buildings as part of their strike. So, it’s not the doom and gloom “strikers are gonna ruin your life” that the administration is preaching. We are missing one staff member from my floor, and one of the main people from the AV area. These two people are critical to our operation. I hope their union gets what it is asking for.

Anyway, on to the images!

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North Dakota: Part the Third (and final)

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North Dakota Intermission

Let’s all go to the lobby
Let’s all go to the lobby
Let’s all go to the lobby
And have ourselves a snack

I have been watching Arrested Development via DVD in the evenings. I think that what has been missing from my life is the sweet meditation known as television. When do the Law and Orders start?

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