Rise Or Rust

I heard some kind of clatter from the fifth floor of Coffman as I was heading home tonight. Out front local band Rise or Rust was playing. I didn’t know it was them, so I was about to leave, but they surprised me with “Folsom Prison Blues,” and it wasn’t terrible, so I hung around. By the second song I remembered that I had my camera.

Trucker hat
Rise or Rust

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GalleryCon 2007

I have volunteered the fair city of Minneapolis (and, to a lesser extent, the rustic and slightly off smelling but generally sincere and pleasant village of Saint Paul) as the setting for a small convention of the international open source developers who write and maintain Gallery. There are some questions that need answering, like where should we have our big expensive dinner?

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University Happenings

A professor found a bomb threat on a note in Smith Hall across the street from me. Since I work on the fifth floor of Coffman, we have a unique vantage point for watching the ensuing evacuation.

drinkin beer and watching the evacuation

Minnesota Daily Article

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Make With The Pictures

I took several hundred pictures over the weekend.

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I Wasn’t Kidding

No booze meant no booze. There was a scene, even. I can’t really say because I wasn’t involved, but if it would have gotten out that I was spiking Sarah’s punch with the contents of a Coleman flask, uh, well, did you see 300? Like that, only more violent.

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Visiting The Diabolical Bismarck

I may survive this weekend yet.

Especially since Sarah’s mother poured me a rum and coke almost right away. Mmm… coke.

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Getting Hitched

Not me, but Sarah and I are going to North Dakota for her brother’s wedding. I won’t be back until Sunday, and I don’t think that the internet has been invented in North Dakota, so you won’t hear from me for a bit.

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The Big Three

1) New Job, full time, gainfully employed by the University of Minnesota as a “civil servant” of some sort.
2) New Apartment, one bedroom, in the Stevens Square neighborhood
3) New Website design, featuring blood, skulls, and pirates, to be launched April 21st.

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No Thank You, Scott Baio

Since I work a block from Boynton, it was no big deal to pop over and be diagnosed with not pink eye. I guess my eye is just getting into the whole “Blood Ocean” act. Eye, please save it for the professionals. :)

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Keelhaul it!

Paul has been busy redesigning this website for maximum awesome.

Prepare for boarding:
Blood.  Skulls.  Awesome.

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