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One of my monitors died last week, so I bought a nice new one. It was a bribe to get me to work on my CSci5161 homework. It seems to have worked! Hooray!

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Karmelkorn Cameleon

Zach was doing his best to distract me here at work by singing.

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Magical Thinking

What is it that makes us think that wishes we cast change anything?

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val (foo : table, bar : int) = interpExp(t, x)

The more my brain lines itself up to program, the more it seems to appreciate crazy freak out nonsense lyrics.

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Dear Media Temple

I think that I’m going to start looking for a new hosting provider.

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Mos Def

Noah is a straight up PIMP, yo!

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The Rich Stuff

Dear Childhood,
Please return, for I have missed you immensely.

Love always,

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White Out

Hey, you know what, let’s get out of this blistering summer heat and go some place nice, like North Dakota.

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Pain and Permanence

This afternoon I was listening to Salt and Syncope by Forget Cassettes. I was wondering what “syncope” meant, so I wikipediaed it. It’s the difference between “over the ramparts” and “o’er the ramparts.”

It’s also what happens when you get a tattoo without eating enough during the day.

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New Hat

An unexpected benefit of visiting Donald’s house (besides, you know, great company and great food) was the gift of a hat and some isotoner gloves (perfect for driving).

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