holed up in a room above a hardware store


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We have met the enemy and he is us


Peer pressure is a horrible thing. I got pressured into joining the facial hair challenge at work. I drew the Hulk Hogan.

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Grow That Thang!

Regular readers might have seen a recent portrait that Sarah made of me featuring a shaggy beard. No, I’m not growing a strike beard, I’m part of a glorious “beard challenge.”

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It’s Sarah Time

Sarah is off in North Dakota doing whatever it is that one does in North Dakota (hint: nothing. There is nothing to do in North Dakota). I don’t want to forget what she looks like, so here are some pictures of Sarah that I have taken during the last month.

This is Sarah in front of the building where Leo Kim lives. The reclusive photographer has himself never been photographed.

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That’s a Big Turkey

A couple of weeks ago, right before finals week, I hosted a makeup Thanksgiving for the previously-sicker-than-dogs Keathlys, my Mom, her husband John, and Donald and Chandler. It went well and dirtied every matching dish that I have in my apartment. Sarah photographed the whole deal, so I’ll use her photos for once.

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Get The Hammer

The dentist said that despite my fifteen year moratorium on visits to the dentist, my teeth are okay, having only one spot of decay in a single wisdom tooth. I will return on Monday to have my teeth cleaned (possibly through four individual visits, with one “quadrant” cleaned per visit) and that one cavity filled. Then, all of my teeth will be broken out and replaced with chiclets. I might be just imagining that last part.

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Accidents Happen

Apparently I missed something by going to work on the 18th: a car chase ending with a flipped pickup right in front of my building — practically on the front stairs. If I would have known, I would have stayed home and made popcorn to watch.

KARE 11 Reports

I wouldn’t have found out about it except that I had ridden on CJ’s bus last week, he mentioned it in the same post as his mention of the accident.

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Learning English

I’ve been sick a couple of times already this winter. Fortunately, I have not had to use the english in the following video:

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Dear Mother

I’m afraid that your stock pot has been stolen by Smelton McNasty and his turkey Turkley.

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Can I Interest You In an Obelisk?

“We could use some help moving,” read Chandler’s email. Her email mentioned two pianos, some boxes, hard cider, and “other vittles.”

“I hope that ‘other vittles’ includes a sixer of suds,” I replied. “‘Beer’ to you,
or more appropriately, me.”

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