Ow, quit it!

I scratched my eye this morning. The cornea heals pretty fast, so usually when this happens (when it is dry or something gets in it), I just go back to sleep for a couple of hours and it feels better (although tender). I called in with the proviso that I might be back this afternoon. Anyway, 800mg of ibuprofen and four more hours of sleep later I couldn’t keep my eyes shut any longer, but it still hurts to the point that I have a headache.

I might go watch tv with a black sock for an eye patch. Maybe that will also fix my lazy eye.

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Born To Die

I got a letter from my doctor today. The news was not very pleasant.

Dear Jesse:

Here are your recent cholesterol results:

Total cholesterol = 283 (normal is <200)
Triglyceride - 348 (normal is <150)
HDL (good cholesterol) - 32 (optimal is >35)
LDL (bad cholesterol) - 181 (optimal is < 130)

These results are not optimal.

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Driven To Educate

One of the University’s English professors took the time to write a lovely editorial for the Minnesota Daily.

Read it there

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Better Than Tay

“That guy from the West Wing is here.”


“Uh, he’s also on Psyche.”

“Holy shitdogs in heat!”

Holy shitdogs in heat

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Linguistics 3001: Homework One

I might have gone a touch overboard on my homework. I used the word “douche.”

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holed up in a room above a hardware store


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We have met the enemy and he is us


Peer pressure is a horrible thing. I got pressured into joining the facial hair challenge at work. I drew the Hulk Hogan.

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Grow That Thang!

Regular readers might have seen a recent portrait that Sarah made of me featuring a shaggy beard. No, I’m not growing a strike beard, I’m part of a glorious “beard challenge.”

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It’s Sarah Time

Sarah is off in North Dakota doing whatever it is that one does in North Dakota (hint: nothing. There is nothing to do in North Dakota). I don’t want to forget what she looks like, so here are some pictures of Sarah that I have taken during the last month.

This is Sarah in front of the building where Leo Kim lives. The reclusive photographer has himself never been photographed.

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That’s a Big Turkey

A couple of weeks ago, right before finals week, I hosted a makeup Thanksgiving for the previously-sicker-than-dogs Keathlys, my Mom, her husband John, and Donald and Chandler. It went well and dirtied every matching dish that I have in my apartment. Sarah photographed the whole deal, so I’ll use her photos for once.

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