It’s a Party!

From #gallery:

bharat gets a drink

jmullan goes to get beer #2

thumb goes to get second beer

Oh yeah, Monk is drunk on the episode that I am watching on the tv.

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What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

Lisa asked me what I wanted for my birthday. When Melissa used to ask me what I wanted, my response was always the same:

A Blow Job

Somehow I don’t think that would be appropriate to ask for from Lisa.

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Here’s To The Boys In The Summer Dresses

jm d30 3202068

Lisa brought Noah upstairs to show me his lovely dress. He’s a princess and Lisa is a King. Then, Noah wanted to hear Brendan Benson. Happy to mother fucking oblige, little man. He danced. Lisa gave me a random hug. What’s that about?

Post Title From Walt Mink - Settled

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Zzzzz Boom!

IMG 2051b

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Elm Tree

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Fake It Harder, Jesse

Having night terrors? Waking up screaming? I will stay on your couch so that you can get to sleep before it gets light out. All the people about whom I really care hide deep wounds. I handle news of rape and abuse with cool and calm. Tell me your tragedy and I will be the most mature person you have ever met. I am a mountain of strength.

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Bharat Has Some Advice For Me

bharat: rule #1: no more than 2 blog entries a day.


bharat: jmullan: quality > > > quantity

Starting tomorrow I will follow this new ruleset, so today I smoke the rest of the pack of blog entries all at once. Prepare for the onslaught!!!

Those of you who obsessively reload my site all day will just have to suffer. Have you tried an rss reader?

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My New Job Title is “Eater of Sixlets”

IMG 2048

My boss and I want to develop an old school side scrolling video game where you clear bums and incoming freshmen from a student union. Part Super Mario Brothers, part Double Dragon, part Street Fighter III, part Mortal Kombat II, and all awesome.



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Take Off Your Shirt, Sand Off Your Nipples

Strong Bad has advice for me:

Gerg’s gf gave me some different advice for the lady…ing:

You should mess up your hair, and get rid of the socks. Maybe… flip flops? Unless you have weird feet.

The only thing weird about my feet is that I wear size nine wide shoes.

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Web Candy

Zach got me all hopped up on Sixlets today. Then I crashed super hard and got all mopey. THANKS!

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