Fisherman’s Wharf

When Sarah was here, she begged and begged to go to the fisherman’s wharf. I agreed that we could go, but declared that I would not like it and refused to have any fun. Truth be told, it was actually kind of enjoyable, but I pretended to have a terrible time so as not to send Sarah mixed messages.

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Thanksgiving in Tacoma

At Thanksgiving, I drove up to Tacoma to see Mount Ranier. No! It was to visit Donald and Chandler, who had moved away from dear Mupples about the same time as me.

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Right before Thanksgiving of last year, I stopped in Portland to visit Melody and Jay. I wish they lived about ten or eleven hours closer. Their son, Noah, demonstrates that Noahs are good things.

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Merry Christmas Eve!

All right, I’m a little behind, but the only way to catch up is to start in and just do it. You might know that Sarah was here during her winter break from her master’s program. On Xmas Eve we went to the bay and walked out into the bird preserve. It was sunny and warm (at least in comparison to Minnesota).


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Lucha Libris

Whether it be a master’s thesis, code, or just blog posts that one’s mother reads, sometimes writing has a lot in common with wrestling: you get all sweaty and roll around the floor with a gym teacher screaming at you not to be such a — wait, that’s not it at all. Anyway, to break some of my writer’s block, perhaps I should don the appropriate gear.

No, not a unitard.



Find your own mask here!

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Ask Doctor Jesse: Sasquatch Infestation

As a doctor and maker and seller of fine internets, people turn to me for answers to their perplexing questions. For instance, Zach J from Minneapolis asks:

“How do I deal with a pesky sasquatch infestation?”

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If You Love the Sea So Much

While trawling the internet for awesomeness, a rogue wave lashed me upon the rocks of this site: a collection of woodcuts and other art.

One particular page is their series of ocean-related work, and I want them all.

However, the most goodest stuff is sold out.

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Ow, My Perineum

For a long time I looked down my nose at people with sore asses after riding their bikes. Now, two days into my return to bicycle commuting — or rather, by three miles into the first day (and today is the second) — my ass feels like I am smuggling hot coals betwixt my cheeks. In other news, I bought new camouflage handlebar tape, so now I am ready for your basic Red Dawn scenario.


Did you say over? Nothing is over until we decide it is!

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Spring Break Minneapolis!

This is not for sure yet, but I’m thinking about visiting Mupples before the end of my self-imposed “no winter visits” rule. For those of you who are laying in stocks of ice and show to shower me with upon my arrival, those dates would be like March 14th-22nd.

Sarah is apparently too busy to come back and swim in my pool, soak in my hot tub, climb my mountains, and generally enjoy the endless bounty of California wonder.

me: I guess maybe I could come there
sarah: yay!
me: why do you delight in my suffering?
sarah: did I tell you that you could take the gag out of your mouth?

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It Rains On The Just And The Unjust Alike… Except In California.

I picked up the Watchmen last night with the anticipation of reading it over the span of a few days — or even a couple of weeks. Instead, I pounded through it in a few hours. I was driven.

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